Team Building Success Coaches facilitate their own inner process so that they can better be present with their participants. They maintain a learning yearning (I love those 2 words!) orientation to life and remain open to new ideas and input. They are committed to their own self-care to maintain the high energy and awareness required of a facilitative leader, and as a model for others.

Team Building Self-Mastery Skills

Be Real. If you're not being real then you're not being yourself and you compromise your integrity.

See the Façade. Clean your own house so that you can see the dust in another's.

Be Here Now. The present moment contains all the resources you need.

Practice Emotional Mastery. Manage your internal world--quickly recover from emotional imbalance.

Care and Feeding of the Master Facilitator. Care and prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to maintain peak performance.

Celebrate. Celebrate successes, challenges, wins and losses, friends, colleagues, children and bosses.

Time Doesn't Get Stuck, Have You? Stay in the flow of time to regenerate your reality every moment.

Why Are You a Facilitator? Knowing your true motivation behind your desire to facilitate will strengthen and clarify your conviction and your effectiveness.

Down But Not Out in DC. Prepare for contingencies, people are depending on you.

Facilitating Creative Genius. Learn to facilitate this genius by encouraging your clients to "Just Make Stuff Up, " when they're stuck.

Embrace the Plateau. Positive efforts to improve group functioning don't always yield immediate observable results.

What Story are you Enacting? How much of your life is directed from the foundation of unexamined mythology?

Author's Bio: 

Larry Lipman is a success coach. Larry's passion and mission are the same:

* create new ways of thinking
* turn thoughts into action steps
* bring out their best, all in a fun and supportive environment
* create more powerful, trusting teams

Larry earned his B.A. at the University of Virginia and M.Ed. at the University of San Diego.
Along the way, Larry has been a Bailiff in Traffic Court, Algebra and Geometry Teacher, Basketball and Tennis Coach, Director of Summer Camp Aquatics Programs, Director of Sales, and an Actor in T.V. Commercials. Larry leads personal development seminars and specializes in team building events.

Larry is a certified trainer.
Since 1990, Larry has completed Jack Canfield's Facilitating Skills Certification (Culver City, CA), Melton Leadership Institute Train-the-Trainer (Palm Springs, CA), Active Teaching Leadership Training (Atlanta, GA), Piering Mastery Technology for Excellence Training (Costa Mesa, CA), Tony Robbins Mastery University (San Diego, CA), and Stephen Covey “First Things First” Workshop. He is ROPES Course Certified.

Member: American Society for Training and Development, National Parenting Instructors Association, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Georgia Alliance for Children, ASCD Character Education Network, Georgia Association of Educational Leaders, Mentoring Leadership Network, Association for Experiential Education, International Alliance for Learning, and International Association of Facilitators.

Samples of Larry's broad spectrum of topics include trust, appreciation, cooperation, responsibility & blame, expectations, value systems, teamwork, intention, communication skills, conflict resolution, goals, reactions, and win-win attitudes.

Larry's programs stimulate new ways of thinking, challenge self-defeating belief systems, and offer new and powerful choices --- all in a gentle, caring, safe, and fun atmosphere.... where the participants come up with the Ah-ha's!

To sum it up, Larry says, "I am teaching what I wish to learn!"