The tan thru swimsuit is the next best thing in getting the perfect tan for your body. How do these things work?

Simple. A tan thru swimsuit has thousands of tiny "tan through" pores that allow 80% of sunlight to penetrate your skin, thus, avoiding tan lines. Compared to conventional swimsuits, tan thru ones do not easily run or snag and dries twice as fast, also, it is very fashionable whether it is in one-piece or two-piece bikini for women or trunks for men.

What makes these swimsuits special?

One of the features of the tan thru swimsuit, aside from its tan thru pores is the micro fiber fabric used, which is three times finer than silk and can guarantee a very comfortable fit.

The fabric used ensures durability and flexibility that gives a person enough room to breathe because the fabric is not stiff and confining, at the same time, has the strength to protect you and the swimsuit from rocks and other rough surfaces.

It is also because of the fabric that this type of swimsuit dries twice as fast as the conventional swimwear. It is because of the pores that allow the sunrays that makes drying fast and makes the swimwear breathable and comfortable for the user.

Can it provide sun protection?

Despite the positive uses and the benefits of this type of swimsuit, it still gained many critics, especially because of the growing alarm over skin cancer caused by the harmful UV rays.

Of course, one can use sunscreen, but some dermatologists and researchers have made investigations on the efficacy of some brands and they found out that only 143 brands out of 1000 are the reliable sunscreens for UV protection.

On the other hand, using the tan thru swimsuits does not really require a person to apply sunscreen. This is the essence of tanning, after all. However, this catches the attention of other people and they are worried because of this.

Due to the increasing awareness on the sunrays' effect on a person's skin, allowing that much sun may cause severe cases of sunburn or worse cancer, because users may forget to apply sunscreen underneath the swimsuit.

How should you use this swimsuit effectively?

It is very important that when wearing this kind of swimsuit, you should not be negligent of your skin and health and you should be aware of what can negligence do to you. Despite its tan thru feature, you should not forget to apply sunscreen for UV protection.

It is possible that because the sunscreen is applied on places of your body that are covered by the swimsuit, the sunscreen may wear off easily and may require you to put the sunscreen more frequently. The trick to this is looking for the right and effective sunscreen.

If you already planned to stay in the beach for a long time and under the sun, maybe you should think about the right time to wear your tan thru swimsuit because who knows, you might fall asleep while sun bathing and get your whole body burnt beyond recognition.

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David has done years of research about UV (Ultraviolet) Rays and Sun Protection including skin cancer. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with special studies in waves.

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