Many people dream of opening a business, and in many cases that dream is never realized due to the expenses involved. The advent of Shopify Experts has assisted many people in achieving this dream through significant reductions in the amount of money it takes to start selling something. In the past, you had to acquire not only inventory and employees, but also a brick and mortar space. Your advertising was always local because you could not expect much business to come from outside the drive-up market. Once online stores revolutionized the way people shop, business owners could draw on a global audience to sell their products, and also no longer needed the employees and physical spaces to do it. All you needed was a website and products to sell.

Shopify and other platforms like it took this concept even further, allowing business owners who did not have the expertise or funds to construct a website to instead get their products into a sales system that put them online with little effort. The Shopify system took all of the programming out of the discussion, and you could be selling your products as soon as you uploaded them and filled in some information.

The one missing link in the system was the fulfillment of the orders. Once a sale was made using the automated system, an order notification was delivered to the business owner who then needed to process that order and get it to the customer. This was the one step in the process that needed human interaction and labor, and in cases of a popular store could probably not be handled from the home of the business owner. Suddenly he or she needed to negotiate warehouse space lease terms and hire employees, even through almost every part of the sales process was automatic.

Shopify fulfillment companies bridge the gaps that are presented in the process, by using software to receive the order information from the Shopify website and process the order for shipment from inventory stored in their warehouses. The third-party company uses their employees to complete the processing, allowing the merchant to have a fully virtual business that needs no employees, physical spaces or long-term contracts. It is through this development that merchants are now free to attempt to fulfill their dreams of business ownership even without the risks that are generally part of the process. Fulfillment companies and Shopify make the process easy.

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