Build momentum with positive action

The new year is a great time to establish positive habits that build momentum toward your goals. Actions you take on your financial situation will contribute to a strong foundation for this year as well as the long term. And even when many things feel out of your control, you can live and be confident knowing you are doing your part to prepare for the unexpected and be ready for new opportunities along the way. Here are some concrete action steps you can take now to start the year off right:

1. Big Picture Review – When you think about your goals and activities for the year, evaluate what’s working for you financially and what you might want to change. The financial planning process involves not only creating a plan, but also adapting it to meet your changing needs so you can continue to meet your goals. An annual review meeting with your financial representative examines your current situation, confirms insurance and investments are in order and allows you to adjust as required. Scheduling it early in the year can help you to be ready for opportunities that may arise in the months ahead.

2. Make action part of your routine – Identify some specific steps you can take on a regular basis to make progress toward your goals. Incorporate them into your routine by committing to a weekly time slot or daily activity, and build in accountability (such as a fitness buddy or career coach) to support your success. Automate your actions wherever possible – like setting up automated bill payments and payroll deductions – to minimize the effort required to make positive changes. Your financial representative can suggest priorities and timing that will best help you to support your financial plan.

3. Organize and update your accounts – Keep your files updated by assembling documents and account information for any insurance policies, annuities, education funds, retirement funds and other accounts. Check that names, addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts are accurate and that beneficiary and joint owner information is as it should be. Contact companies as needed to update or obtain current information. Also check estate planning documents, such as wills, powers of attorney and advance directives for health care, and work with your attorney to update as needed.

4. Engage the family – When thinking about your plans and actions for the new year, consider sharing your own approach with other members of your family. It can be a teaching opportunity for children and serve as an example to help adults make progress in their own lives. The best plans include a contingency, so be sure to inform at least one trusted family member or close friend where to find your key documents and trusted advisors in case of emergency.

5. Partner with trusted advisors – As chief executive of your personal financial security, consider how you can best tap specialized expertise to help you make informed decisions and meet your financial objectives. If you don’t have an attorney or tax advisor, ask friends for recommendations and conduct interviews to identify someone who can guide you in these key areas. Your financial representative can help you select prudent insurance and investment options to fulfill your plan and can introduce you to other resources in personal estate and trust services as well as employee benefits, group insurance and planning services for small businesses.

When you set your sights on a prosperous new year, remember that the goals you set and the plans you make are only as good as the actions that follow. Resolve to take action this year to make your hopes and dreams a reality. Your financial representative can help you develop the best plan and appropriate actions to get on the path to financial security.

How do you plan for your financial future?


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