Recently I grabbed an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful mausoleums, the Taj Mahal with Taj Trips through North India Tour Packages. I visited the Taj Mahal early in the morning and saw the world’s most stunning monument. I couldn't help myself as I was in awe of the architecture of this beautiful monument with its intricate carvings, precious stones, and stunning white marble all over the monument.

After some time, the crowd started to grow, but still, the experience was so serene without any hassle. Despite the crowd, it was a worthwhile experience.

It was a truly quiet and peaceful and soothing experience to walk through the gardens and start taking in the reflecting pools. I might not have dreamed of a better way to view the Taj Mahal, and I suggest from the bottom of my heart, you should include it on your travelling list to check out this Beautiful monument which would make you awestruck.

"The Taj Mahal:A History of Infinite Beauty"

A beautiful mausoleum in Agra is the Taj Mahal, a timeless beauty. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built it in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died during childbirth.

The Taj Mahal was built between 1632 and 1653, during which time hundreds of artists and labourers were employed. The Taj Mahal, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is regarded as one of the most stunning structures in the entire world.

It is located in the eastern section of the city on the southern bank of the Yamuna River and is undoubtedly the most well-known and iconic structure in all of India.
Shah Jahan had seized himself, and he was also put in jail in 1658 by his son, Aurangzeb, and he remained imprisoned there until he died in 1666. His ashes were later interred in the Taj Mahal alongside the Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj Mahal's construction was indeed a work of art

The Taj Mahal's creation was a significant undertaking that took more than 20 years to finish. In memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan authorized the Taj Mahal's construction. A group of architects, notably Ustad Ahmad Lahauri, who is credited with creating the monument, organized the undertaking. White marble, which arrived from the nearby village of Makrana, was the main building material used in the creation of the Taj Mahal.

A combination of rivers and canals was used to transport the marble to the construction site. The Taj Mahal is made with Mughal architecture, a combination of Islamic, Persian, and Indian forms. The exterior of the building is embellished with domes and arches, as well as a central dome surrounded by four minarets. The Taj Mahal was built in 1632 and completed in 1653.

The Taj Mahal had been built by an estimated 20,000 people, many of them highly-trained craftsmen and artisans from around the globe. The workers received good treatment as well as sufficient housing, food, and pay.

Jasper, jade, and turquoise are just a few of the priceless stones carved into the Taj Mahal's beautiful designs. The mausoleum's interior is equally magnificent, featuring calligraphy, floral motifs, and marble screens.

Taj Mahal gates: Prices and opening hours for you!

In Agra, there is a beautiful mausoleum called the Taj Mahal. One of the most beautiful monuments in the whole world. If you want to enter this gorgeous Taj Mahal to see it, there are three entrances to this intricately carved Taj Mahal: the east gate, the west gate, and the south gate.
The East Gate, which would be 1.5 km from the Taj Mahal, is considered the main entrance.

The timings for visiting the enchanting Taj Mahal are from sunrise to sunset, but the Taj Mahal is closed for everyone every Friday. Except for Friday, it is open all day for all visitors. The best time to see the magnificent Taj Mahal is one hour before sunrise and 45 minutes before sunset. In terms of prices, that would differ according to the nationality of the person.

Indians/Domestic, NRI and Foreigner tourists, and citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC countries all have different ticket prices.

Facts That Astonish - Captivating And Magnificent Insights About Taj Mahal

The cenotaphs dedicated to Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan are housed inside the Taj Mahal in an eight-sided chamber embellished with a semi-precious stone and a marble grid screen. But the stunning monuments are merely for display: At the garden level, in a peaceful room, are the actual caskets.

The four minarets that surround the Taj Mahal are believed to slant slightly outward to act as barriers from the main building in an earthquake that occurs.

Another interesting fact about the Taj Mahal is when you get higher up the Taj Mahal's entrance gate, the calligraphy gets smaller and smaller.

This is done to create a visual effect that provides the viewer with the illusion that the letters are all the same size, regardless of height.

It is also believed that depending on the time of day, the Taj Mahal's marble walls reflect in varying shades. The moonlight makes them appear pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening, and golden at night.

The Taj Mahal's basement has a secret room also that is always locked. Though it has never been unlocked or explored, it is believed that this chamber holds treasures.

Sources also claim that the monument cost 32 million rupees, which is equivalent to roughly 53 billion rupees (US$827 million) in today's money. The majority of the money went into the stones and staff wages.

There is also a lamp inside the Taj Mahal and the name of Lord Curzon carved into it.

Final Flourish

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The magnificent Taj Mahal symbolizes love as well as a miracle of architecture and a treasure of mysteries. The Taj Mahal symbolises eternal devotion and affection and was built by the emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his loving wife. This famous white marble, embellished with delicate carvings and precious stones, took over 20 years and 20,000 labourers to complete.

The Taj Mahal continues to enchant tourists from all around the world including its leaning minarets and changeable colour walls. Everyone should visit the Taj Mahal with their Agra Day Tour Packages with us. We provide you with the best service with hassle-free methods and we would also ensure that you all could make the most out of your trip with a blissful experience.