If you are a big and tall man, finding a tailoring shop for your custom suit may appear to be a difficult proposition. For any man, irrespective of his size and physical structure, it’s important to get a great looking, comfortable and stylish suit to make a personal style statement. A suit tailored to an individual helps boosting his confidence and make him feel great.

Anyone, who has a tall figure, won’t have to wander any more to get his bespoke suit tailored in his preferred style. Ambassador & Smart Fashion(AMBFA) has the expertise in tailoring for big and tall men from around the world. And we know what makes a perfect fit for them. Here are a few tailoring basics that we adopt while sewing suits for big and tall men.

1.No off-the-rack suit if you are bulky in size! Instead, you should go for a custom suit where the tailor will make efforts to hide your bulges and curves. We craft a perfect custom suit as per your body and which can enhance your style.
2.For big and tall men, a two-button suit will be more suitable than a three-button suit. A three-button suit, sports jacket and a suit with a vest may make a big man look bulkier and heavier.

3.If you are tall and big, solid designs, narrow stripes and one-tone designs will suit you more. You should avoid wearing window pane designs.
4.No pleated pants for a bulky body! A flat front pant will suit you more if you are larger in size than the average. A flat front may induce a slimming effect. On the other hand, pleated pants may make you look heavier.
5.Often big men try to wear pants as quickly as possible, and thus leading a stress in the crotch and thigh areas. Thus, we often recommend crotch liners in the pants that can prolong the life of the pants.

6.At the same time, the pants of a big man may wear off faster than expected. This is the reason why we often recommend to get an extra pair of pant with your custom suit. This way, you will be able to wear your suit for a longer period of time, even if your one pair of pant wears off quickly.

7.For a big man, a slim fit shirt with narrow collars will be more suitable. Such types of shirts will make you look slimmer.

8.For large men, it is always important to get measured from an experienced tailor. We at AMBFA, know what can give the desired comfort to a bulky body while wearing a stylish suit. At the same time, we are available for free alterations that can ensure the best fit for any individual, irrespective of his body shape and size.

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