When someone develops an addiction to Norco, it can be highly dangerous. Norco addiction can sneak up silently, with little or no warning that a problem is developing. The first sign of an issue comes when a person runs out of prescription and a person begins to experience signs of withdrawal.

These Norco Withdrawal Symptoms can indicate that the brain may have been altered its neurotransmitters by expecting another Norco dosage. When the drug intake is discontinued individuals that have developed the dependency will start to become sick.

How to get help for Norco Addiction

Getting help for Norco Addiction there are recovery options individuals can seek for treatment. The first step to recovery an individual will undergo is the detoxification process, during this period the body will adjust to not having the drug any longer within their system. The detoxification stage could last 2 or 3 days before beginning to subside.

Signs of Norco withdrawal include:

Muscle and bone pains
Irregular heartbeat
Abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting
Depression, malaise

When seeking treatment from opioid addiction medically assisted treatment is being utilized to help individuals achieve long term recovery. MAT is used as temporary substitutes for the norco that allows time for the individual to increase resistance to the effects of norco and reducing its cravings. Once the detoxification and withdrawals is complete and individual can enter the treatment part of the recovery process. A comprehensive program can include therapy sessions, relapse prevention planning and other activities.

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My name is Ken Seeley, founder of Ken Seeley Communitieslocated in Palm Springs, California. Our addiction treatment center provides individualized treatment approach to ensure long term recovery.