Dermatitis and eczema are similar terms referred to normal to chronic skin inflammation. There are several types included in dermatitis; atopic dermatitis is among the very common category. Dermatitis is the abnormalities occurring in skin functioning.

People from almost any age can get dermatitis even infants and small child’s are also at the risk of it. . All types of skin infections refer to inflammation and pain comes under dermatitis.

Abnormalities in the skin barrier functions and cause dermatitis. Allergies to skin can be triggered from environmental things or chemicals around or any undisclosed medical conditions. The most allergies to skin occur due to allergens from environments, pollutions, chemicals such as soaps, detergents, changes in temperature, food allergies or changes in the lifestyle.

Symptoms of dermatitis:

  • Dry skin all over the body. Redness occurs on the infected parts.
  • Blisters occur with crusting and oozing.
  • Ear bleeding and discharge of liquid
  • Inflammation and redness occur around the blister
  • Long term irritation and scratching
  • Dullness of skin
  • Thickness of the skin
  • Changes in skin color
  • Rashes occur on the skin
  • In children less than 2 years skin injuries occur on face, scalp, feet and hands.

Causes of dermatitis:

  • Allergies to mold, pollen, dust mites, or animals
  • Occurrence of colds or flu
  • Temperature change, cold and dry air especially in the winter
  • Contact with chemicals and other irritants
  • Dry skin
  • Frequent contact with rough materials, such as wool
  • Emotional stress
  • Wet clothes
  • Daily swimming, Drying out of the skin from taking too many showers or bathe
  • Perfumes or dyes added to skin soaps or lotion

Consider the above symptoms and related causes of dermatitis and with the help of your physician, find the perfect treatment.

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Take all the necessary preventions to avoid dermatitis. Take regular bath, use clean towels and clothes, avoid getting wet and regularly keep a watch on your skin parts which are vulnerable to dermatitis.

Avoid too much contact with soap and detergents as they also bring skin problems. Avoid use of harsh cosmetics and makeup solutions.

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