Numerous stores throughout the world sell authentically signed things from celebrities. SWAU ( is one of the most popular. SWAU is a global leader in celebrity autograph signings, including Star Wars, Marvel, and other franchises. They have an extensive collection of signed objects from almost every Hollywood actor, all of which have been validated. In addition, they're on Instagram ( and Twitter (, where they post regular updates about their company and which celebrities have signed specific goods.
Recently SWAU announced that they had introduced the SWAU Signing Tracker for their customers to track their orders until it reaches them. SWAU claimed that they have always sought to advance the hobby through innovation and technology, and their most recent upgrade will allow clients to track their orders throughout the signing process. Go to the order status page and input your email address and order number to track your orders. SWAU has announced that the Signing Status page will be retired with the launch of their newest functionality. All deadlines will be listed on the page for each signing order. Moving target deadlines make it impossible for collectors to schedule their participation in SWAU signings due to ever-changing COVID travel limits and talent film/television engagements. SWAU also noted that signing deadlines may be marked as TBD and that these deadlines would be communicated later through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as soon as they have confirmed dates. If you haven't already, subscribe to SWAU and follow them on social media. It is usually within a week or two when a deadline is given. This could result in a short send-in window, particularly for international consumers. SWAU suggests ordering and mailing products as soon as possible if consumers wish to ensure participation in a signing.
With the help of this feature, SWAU hopes that ordering from them would be so much more fun since the customers can track their order until it reaches the destination.

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