Want to know about surrogacy? The women, who birth the children for other people by getting cost, called surrogates or surrogacy. Also, some parents or couples grow or start their family through these kinds of ladies. Moreover, these women care for their families and children.


Nowadays, many people deny to birth babies due to some issues. Some couples wish to enjoy life alone. Also, they want to raise their families. In this situation, they find a surrogate woman who births the children for them. Many situations are behind the scene to choose the surrogate women. Let’s discuss the issues to arrange surrogate!

Why We Choose Surrogacy?

Some ladies can’t become pregnant due to health issues.
Infertility is a common issue in women. Also, they can’t birth the children due to this issue. So, they choose the surrogate to get children.

Moreover, same-sex couples want to birth babies, but they don’t do so. They may be men and women. Due to their wishes, they decide surrogate.

A few single people want to get the babies. They also choose surrogate women for this purpose.

Types of Surrogate

Who are the donors? Or where they get the sperms? Surrogates have different types. Let’s discuss the categories of these women!

Gestational Carries

The gestational carriers use an egg to become pregnant for a couple. An egg may come from the donor and intended mother. Also, the sperm comes from the donor or father. So, pregnancy can be obtained through the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Usually, there is no genetic relation between gestational carries and babies.

Traditional Surrogate

On the other hand, the traditional surrogate becomes pregnant by donating eggs for the couple. Usually, surrogate women become pregnant through the intended father’s insemination sperms. Also, it is allowed to use donor sperms.

As of the Southern agency, gestational carries are common than traditional. The reason is that a traditional surrogate donates egg. So, she becomes the mother of the babies technically.

Criteria for Becoming a Surrogate

Want to know about the surrogate criteria? People require the qualifications and conditions to choose a surrogate. So, you can read below what people want in a surrogate!
Age: The age of the surrogates must be 21 to 45 years.
Reproductive Background: She has passed through one pregnancy without problems or complications. Also, she has fewer than five deliveries.

Lifestyle: the home of the surrogates should be a supportive environment. Also, alcohol and drugs uses are other conditions.

Tests: The surrogates should be healthy. Also, they must have complete mental and sexual health screening.

How Find a Surrogate?

Some people get family members to adopt as a surrogate. Most people go to agencies in the United States and other countries to get a good match. Also, to find the best surrogate is possible in the agencies.

Final Verdict

Consequently, we have mentioned enough information about surrogacy Leihmutterschaft in Europa. If you want more details about the surrogate parent, surrogate pregnancy, surrogate cost, and surrogate process, then don’t worry. Reply to me through the comment section. Thanks!

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