In this age where medical treatment done by means of bodily operations has become a conventional matter, the importance of Surgeons India is beyond anyone's grasp. They are responsible for diagnosing illnesses, prescribing and providing treatment to people with injuries or diseases. Surgeons specialize in the treatment of injuries, diseases and deformities through operations. The overall responsibility of the success of the operation lies on the surgeon. A surgeon performs a surgery on the patient in an operating room with the help of two or three assisting staff. These include an anesthetist, a theater sister, etc. Surgeons can perform general surgeries as well as specialize in specific areas, such as orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, neurological surgery, etc.

It is the duty of the surgeon to take care that the surgery is performed only if it absolutely necessary or if it is the best possible solution for the ailment. It is natural that a patient may not be emotionally ready to get operated on. In such cases, it is solely the surgeon's duty to make the patient understand the need for such a procedure and also all the good outcomes that can happen due to this. Moreover, the surgeon should console the patient, focusing on the bright sides of the operation. Surgeons India should make sure that the patient fully understands what will happen during the course of the operation and the treatment and recovery that follows.

Any surgeon will need to complete his undergraduate studies, termed ass MBBS in India, a post graduate degree, which can be an MD or a DO. Internship or residency that they have to complete can vary from 3 to 8 years. Sometimes, some medical schools offer a combined undergraduate and graduate program that can be completed in 6 years, instead of 8. Despite all this, the success of a surgeon lies in his work. No matter how qualified he/she is, if he/she is not able to carry out a successful operation or diagnose a patient correctly, then he/she can hardly be successful. Success of a surgeon also lies in how he is perceived by the patients. In some cases, some highly skilled surgeons are wrongly taken as harsh or cold by the patients due to his/her behavior with them.

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