I’m an artist by nature, and one of the most effective tools I employ when I set out to achieve a goal is creative imagining. Creative imagining is simply the process of using visuals to bring out your desired outcome. It’s an extremely pleasant way to help you enjoy goal setting.

Being able to see the results of your goals in pictures will provide an added incentive for you to work hard towards your goals. When the going gets tough and you’re tempted to quit, all you need to do is refer to these pictures often.

The following are excellent ways to use creative imagining in your daily goals program:

Sketch, draw, or paint your ideal life, situation, or surroundings. Let’s say you’re fresh out of college and would like to make your transition from the university to the workplace as easy as possible. Ditch the casual clothes and draw yourself in a power suit. Imagine placing yourself in the following situations: talking confidently with your boss, holding your own in business meetings, performing at your peak level, or effectively resolving conflicts among your co-workers.

If your goal is to acquire something, create a collage or poster of things you’re willing to work for. Obtain old issues of glossy magazines, brochures, or catalogues, and cut out items for which you’d like to save. Your plan of action might be to set aside a certain amount during payday and then shopping for your dream items once you can afford them.

How about relationship goals? Purchase a scrapbook kit and make an album. Include photos of you enjoying the company of your loved ones. Make a list of the specific steps you’d like to do in order to keep the communication lines open. You might also want to decorate an old cardboard box and compile notes, cards, and mementos you’ve accumulated from friends over the years.

When it comes to personality development, the best strategy is to watch people in real-life situations. Visit your nearest video store and rent films with realistic, positive, and uplifting themes. If you’re a parent and would like to instill values to your kids, there are animated movies like “Cars” and “Finding Nemo” where they can pick up life lessons.

What if your goals are health-related? Take advantage of advertising’s positive messages. If you want to quit smoking, look for advertisements that warn the public about the ill effects of cigarettes. If you want to lose weight and feel fitter, look at the toned bodies at gyms to motivate you to workout.

Make a PowerPoint presentation of your goals in your computer. Look for powerful quotes and statements in inspirational books, or try coming up with your own. Include affirmations and reminders. Get as crazy as you’d like with the fonts and visual effects.

As you can see, most of the ideas presented here for creative imagining require much effort on your part. That’s because one of its objectives is to allow the goal setter to explore and release as many ideas and options to reach his desired outcome.

So, do you have goals? Try creative imagining!

Author's Bio: 

Ronali G. dela Cruz is a freelance writer, an artist, and a passionate goal setter.