Summer is one of my favorite seasons. Everything is in bloom and the leaves are full and green. The skies are a vibrant blue and the sun is beaming its warm rays everywhere its light touches. Kind of reminds me of Billie Holiday back in the early 20th century when she sang, “Summertime and the livin’s easy”. Summer is the season where all you want to do is lay back in the sunshine, absorb the rays and take a dip in a cool, refreshing pool. Wouldn’t it be nice if life was that easy all the time?

For some people, life is always like the feeling of summer because they have discovered the secret to bliss. They take life one day at a time, find the joy in everything and everyone, and count their blessings one by one. They do not have to reflect on life because they live it by embracing it. That’s summertime all the time.

As you begin your journey into this summer season, I want you to take a step back so you can get a solid view of the life you are living, and the path affront of you. If you are in a hurry and rushed for time, slow down in the rat race and give yourself an opportunity to catch your breath. If you’re running around everywhere at the speed of lightening and cannot slow down enough to smell the flowers, then you are missing out on life’s little blessings. It’s okay to be lazy every now and then. You need a chance to relax and recuperate. Small breaks give your body, mind and spirit a shot of vitality.

Whether on a nature trail, a day at the lake or a walk on the beach – take some “me-time” to get in tune with yourself. Use this summer as a stepping stone to awakening your inner core and refreshing your vital energy for the next big hurdle. Even as life will surely bring challenges along the way, with a freed mind and soul, nothing can stop you from living the “easy” life if you so choose to do so.

Until we speak again,
I am,

Joan Marie – your Intuition Girl

© Summertime and the livings easy
July 2012
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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