Night essays are written on the book night, written by Elieser Wiesel so if it is in your course then you must expect night essay anytime during the course study. Therefore, one must read it again and again in order to grasp the idea behind it but still they are not able to develop engaging ideas for writing night essays.

The story revolves around violent criminal activities which give much alternative perspective for the students to write their night essays. When you are assigned to write night essays, you should first decide from which perspective you want to write your night essays. Whichever angle you are choosing, you must develop interesting ideas to deal with this perspective and if you want some help then here are some interesting ideas on which you can write essays on night.

Suggested night essay ideas

Believe in the GOD:

Eliezer Weisel has portrayed great belief in the existence of God, however the belief and faith was crumbled into pieces when she faced enormous bad incidents in life. The whole novel is based on this theme where the author continuously asked if there is any God or not, if yes then why he gives us so much pain? Why did he give me so much pain? This can be a very intriguing theme for your essay on night. Try using it in your essay and see the difference!

Self-denial of the Jewish people:

Jewish people had a firm believe on God that one day he will save them from the tyranny and dictatorship of the Hitler, they were optimistic about the ending of the bad deeds. Though, their families were destroyed and crushed under the feet of the Hitler regime but still they were contended with the life God gave to them. In this way, Jewish people showed their positive attitude towards life. In your night essay, you can emphasize on the optimistic attitude of the Jewish people and tell readers why they were so positive in spite of the fact that they lost everything in a very short time period.

Consequences of the holocaust:

You can also write your essay from the perspective of the holocaust, if you have read the novel you must have noticed that when the holocaust ended, the Jewish people were not anguish at all and they didn’t want to take the revenge, instead they were more into the food, sex and the other basic necessities of life. The author in this way showed the world that when a nation gets independence they are more towards establishing themselves and fulfilling the basic needs of life rather than any revenge.

Therefore, there are other themes as well which will make your essay on the book night more appealing but the preceding three ideas will surely work like a wonder for you but in order to understand any kind of theme you have to read the book and understand what is it all about. Final words of advice are to make sure that you have asked your teacher’s about the topic you have selected.

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