Everyone knows that losing weight can be a challenge. Getting into regular physical activity from a previously sedentary lifestyle takes a lot of effort. If you're a couch potato, the energy needed to propel you out of the sofa can be likened to the thrust needed to launch a rocket. The inherently delicious nature of the so-called "sin" foods do not help much either. Sugary sweets and salty chips that do not give any health benefits but cling stubbornly to our waistlines are just too tempting to resist. Without that much-needed discipline and the right amount of motivation, food that is supposed to makes us survive could also become our undoing. When we consume the wrong gastronomic preparations at the wrong amounts, we're paving the way for fatter bellies and earlier graves. No pun intended there. A bulging midsection puts us at greater risk for heart attack, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer.

However, if one were to lose weight, a certain degree of vigilance must be observed. Food restrictions may be a bit too harsh for those who are still taking baby steps to shed the body fat, but limitations on caloric intake through cutting down portions is a necessary step towards losing weight. A healthy middle ground can be established by feeding the body foods that give it the energy it needs to function well.

Thankfully, there are foods for weight loss that provide a leeway for a little over consumption. They have been shown to melt fat even while you're eating your heart out since they boost your metabolism even while you're munching away. Instead of feeding your body with empty junk, choose these foods for weight loss that are not only delicious but enable you to lose a few pounds even with more servings:

1. Apple. An apple a day keeps the weight away. Research has shown that those who took an apple as a midday snack were more likely to eat less come lunch time. Not only is it chockfull of fiber that gives one the feeling of fullness, the pectin in apples also limits the fat absorption in your body's cells. Plus, it involves a good deal of chewing, making you feel that you have eaten more than you really have.

2. Eggs. Having a rich source of protein at breakfast also actually been shown to curb hunger pangs and were less likely to overeat during the day. Eggs are a great source of protein and they are a breakfast favorite.

3. Milk. Surprised? Skim milk not only has calories, it also has protein that has been shown to make an individual feel full for longer.

4. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate and since it's loaded with fiber, it decreases your appetite while still allowing you to feel full for longer periods of time. Take care, however, that you choose the old-fashioned kind without the added sugar.

5. Fish. Salmon is not only delicious, it also contains leptin, a fat-burning hormone that suppresses your appetite. Plus, it's also rich in omega-three that gives a host of other weight and health benefits.

These foods for weight loss provide the best middle ground for those seeking to win over their bulging midsections and flabby thighs. You can consume more without feeling guilty that you're adding more pounds to your body. Plus, they are good for your health, too.

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Kylie is a full-time mother of 3 and a freelance writer for ShakeNutrition.com.