Delicious sugar free cherry pudding low fat dessert recipe for a perfect treat.Perhaps you have always loved cherry pudding, or you have kids who do, but you don't want to feed yourself or your kids too much sugar.

Too much sugar consumption is linked with a great array of health problems and diseases, including heart disease. Perhaps you've developed diabetes or have diabetic kids and you're not supposed to eat sugary treats. So what are you to do if you or your kids have a sweet tooth and a love of pudding? The answer is simple: just make your own sugar free cherry pudding.

Speaking of things being simple, the basic recipe for sugar free cherry pudding couldn't be simpler. Let's look at one.

Sugar Free Cherry Pudding Low Fat Ingredients:

1 (1 2/3rd ounces) package of instant pudding mix (sugar free) of your desired flavor

1 3/4th cups unsweetened rice milk or unsweetened almond milk (make sure the milk has been refrigerated over night)*

1 cup sugar-free cherry pie filling (this equals ½ of one 20-oz can)

*You can also use unsweetened condensed milk if you prefer.

Sugar Free Cherry Pudding Low Fat Ingredients:


Combine the pudding mix and milk together in a mixing bowl. Use an electric mixer and stir for two minutes.

Add in the cherry pie filling and stir until thoroughly combined with the other ingredients.

Pour into pudding or custard cups and refrigerate for 60 to 90 minutes.

Could anything be easier and more affordable to make? This sugar free pudding recipe is perfect as a dessert, an after school treat, or holiday sweets for family and friends.

It's important for you to realize that you can find all kinds of sugar free but still sweet and delicious dessert and treat recipes that you can make at home. Many of these treats can even be made to have health benefits instead of just preventing health problems.

For example, did you realize that you can make chocolate brownies with whey protein powder and stevia instead of flour and sugar? Just use unsweetened baker's chocolate, add in the replacement ingredients just mentioned as well as the other necessary ingredients, and maybe try throwing in some healthy nuts like black walnuts—and you've got a healthy, nutrient-rich delicious treat or dessert for any time of day or night.

Cherry pudding is definitely up there on the list of favorite treats. Today, as our society is becoming more aware of the dangers of not being on a low-sugar diet, we are figuring out ways to satisfy our cravings for sweets in healthier ways. Just because you have diabetes or you otherwise know that you should be on a low-sugar diet doesn't mean that you can't enjoy desserts and sweet holiday treats!

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