Financial success does not come easy. There are many factors which play a role but the role of gemstones and crystals cannot be ignored. When you struggle to get things right and work your way to the top you should also consider referring to gemstones. While not all stones make a difference and each one comes with a special endowment, but there are some most powerful stones to attract money and they are ones which we are going to discuss. You may think, that why need one when all things are turning in your favor and also when you are doing your best. Well, life and stars do not share the same logic. The next few lines may make things clearer.

Rahul is 45 and had become a successful businessman. A loving family, big house, all kinds of luxury cars, foreign travels...the list of his posh lifestyle was actually endless. The success did not come easy and he did face his times of struggle and toil in the early years. But all the efforts paid well. Now there was no looking back until one day time took an opposite turn when an important business deal which was vital for the growth of his business slipped from his hands. A big jolt to his growth, he took it in good spirit not to be moved by a setback and gathered pace to strike another international deal.

However, the shadow of the previous deal had enveloped the outcome as the new clients did not want to enter into any collaboration with his company primarily because of the failure of the last deal. Time had given its verdict. One by one he started losing partners. The stocks of his company reached an all-time low and his dream life began to fall apart. Looking back a few months, while he was planning to buy a luxury villa abroad, little did he know that his own house will be auctioned. Rahul who was known as a happy-go-lucky person had lost his charm. He was not able to figure out what went wrong when everything was the same, but in reality, everything was fine but his stars. He did not pay heed to the subtle signs of doom which was awaiting him. Till date, he has not been able to reach a conclusive reason and justification for his failure.

You may be wondering there can be many reasons and causes, some wrong decisions, some wrong dealing, some wrong investment, etc. which could have led to the present state of affairs. True there must have been other reasons which we cannot deny but likewise, you cannot completely deny or ignore the astrological reasons and the ways things could have been better by making the best use of astrological advice. There is no doubting the existence of some most powerful crystals for wealth on our planet. But not every gemstone will work for everyone and care has to be taken to ensure that you follow the right astrological advice and ways for wearing the same.
Most Powerful Stones to Attract Money

Millionaires don’t believe in Astrology, Billionaires do.

-J P Morgan

There are many examples of billionaires who have their faith in astrology and believe there is much more to business success than mere a play of numbers and analytics. Here are some gemstones which have the power to bring you untold fortune and wealth.

Emerald: One of the most beautiful gemstones, emeralds have mesmerized generations with its looks. Apart from the visual appeal, emeralds are also said to be endowed with immense benefits of channelizing the flow of money towards you. It is also said to possess great benefits for property deals.

Blue Sapphire: Needless to say, blue sapphire has proven its influence to ward off the negative effects of Saturn and if worn with right astrological prescription can definitely open door to wealth beyond measure.

Garnet: Rahu being the ruling planet, an individual who is said to be in its good influence does not face any financial troubles and hardships by wearing garnet. One gets the right power to earn more and as all the energies are there are no distractions.

Peridot: The gemstone has been largely used by Egyptians as an adornment in jewelry. It is believed that it can lead to the creation of exponential wealth and riches by opening up more than one income source.

The Natural Yellow Sapphire: It is again a powerful stone that brings success in all ventures of life. It ensures that one gets profits in all the business aspects.

Astrology has enjoyed a great relationship with success and wealth. Billionaires around the world have felt and reaped the benefits of astrological inputs and gemstones for proper business launches and deals. The success of
gemstones cannot be undermined but proper care has to be taken that you pick the right ones.

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