I have been around the block and back with different techniques to lose weight. Every diet and workout plan I try never seems to help much. I started to think, “Ok, this is me. This is my body. This is just going to be my weight size.” Not true. I had a new idea and I’m going to share it with you. From trying so many ways to lose weight, I actually learned a lot. I made my own weight loss system.

I wake up to a run around my neighborhood. I’ve never been much of a runner but my ¾ mile is good enough for me. It just sets my whole daily mood into a positive outlook. I’m refreshed and awake and motivated. Plus as I lose weight I want my body to remain tight.

When I get back from my jog I have either a bowl of whole grain cereal or low fat yogurt. I proceed through my day and cut out all unhealthy binging. Honestly this was the best thing I could have done to my body. I have literally trained my taste buds. Chips, grease, sugar, and things of the nature all sound so unappealing now. For lunch I typically grill a red or green pepper and have grilled fish or chicken to accompany it. I normally have a little leftover from the pepper and I save that for my dinner garnish. Really dinner I tend to switch up. You can too. Just count your calories and don’t “cheat”. It’s not like you’re on a strict plan but it does take discipline to choose brussel sprouts over pasta and garlic bread.

The gist of my “plan” is really just to kick out old habits. Out with the old and in with the new. I’m not losing quick pounds and trying to fit into a suit in a month. I’m molding myself into a healthy person with healthy habits and am losing my pounds in a positive manner. I feel great, I’m looking great, and my skin is just glowing.



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