Are you caught in the Reaction Trap? Do you find yourself responding continually to the variety of messages and media that are hitting you daily? Are you working on putting out fires only to find more business blazes flaming? Stop. Whenever your energy and focus is just on containment that is what will keep showing up. You must shift your energy and focus to removing the flammables in your business.

The flammables in your business can include lack of systems so you have poor cash flow. Combustibles also mean inappropriate prospects which have led to ill-fitting clients and likely to poor cash flow. Burnables are also those vendors you work with that aren't working effectively and satisfactorily with you, and yes, again leading to poor cash flow.

The end result is the same in all cases, you current crunch is caused by being stuck in the Reaction Trap. There is a way out.


You can't run a successful business without systems. Systems for accounting, for marketing, for lead generation and prospecting, for resourcing, for hiring, for daily operations, for follow up, and for referrals. Find training, mentoring, or a mastermind that will give you the systems you need to move your business forward.


When you try to be all things to all people, you are actually nothing to anyone! You must laser focus your business on your ideal client and by knowing who you want to work with you will then be able to create their profile as your perfect prospect. Again, too wide a niche and you will not gain any traction, create any buzz, or get any attention. Drill deep not wide. This is a lot like gold mining or drilling for oil, going two miles deep beats an inch shallow and six miles wide!


You get to choose not only who you work with in terms of clients and customers but also who you work with to support your business. You get to choose your vendors. Choose wisely. Get references, Google them, even check the unhappy sites like YELP and Get Satisfaction for whom NOT to work with. Having a poor team in place, working with vendors who drive you crazy will zap your time, energy and effectiveness throughout your business.

Stop putting out the fires of crisis and instead create an explosion of success!

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