The Incredible Real-Life Science
Behind The Science of Success
And How To Make It Work For You
The 100,000 Selling Internet Best Seller
Can You Engineer Your Future ?
Can You Draw Success And Achievement Towards You With Scientific Certainty ?
Or Is Good Fortune An Equation.
In this groundbreaking bestseller, ex physicist Phil Gosling takes the ideas of goal-setting ,personal success ,love and wealth creation and compares them with the latest advances in science to reveal a staggering new world in which everything you say and do affects the outcome not only of your life,but the lives of thousands of others.
See and read the incredible science behind how you have unwittingly used the forces of nature-the very heart of physics-to literally engineer your life to date and discover how you can use that same science to create the new life you have yearned for.
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Phil disentangles the myths behind some modern self-empowerment- techniques and gives you a glimpse of a brave new world that has shocked and even split, the scientific community. He will take you from the Pentagon to the deepest reaches of space. Then into the most secret of niches of science, go beyond atoms and be able to finally reveal an incredible truth.
To succeed we don’t change ourselves we change the world around us. We don’t draw events and circumstances into our lives, we create them, WE ARE IN CONTROL
The foreword to this phenominal book is by non - other than Paul Martinelli , President, Life Success Consultants Inc and the following is what he had to say.
It has been my privilege to have witnessed miracles. It has been my joy to see many people,from hugely disadvantaged backgrounds, build new lives filled with hope and prosperity. they have often achieved success in a very short space of time, just by understanding how the laws of attraction work in their lives. I speak often about these laws myself, and I will continue to do so for as long as I am able.
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Phil Gosling also found success by adopting these universal laws but he wanted and needed to find out more .He needed to find out how and how these laws work , what processes were involved. His natural curiosity was driven by the desire for explanation, so that he too could help people understand how these laws these influence every aspect of their lives.
What he discovered makes hugely exciting reading. By going deep into those areas of science that most people never see or understand, he has used his gift of being able to unravel complex ideas into simple ,often amusing explanations to bring encouragement to those who want to know and understand more,or to see things from a new perspectives.
Some of these discoveries are truly staggering, mind- stretching ideas that do more.
Than make you see the world in a new light. You see a completely new world, filled with contradictions and mysteries; a place where computers perform impossible calculations, and objects are in two places at the same time. You will see the mechanism of how the simplest decision changes not just your own life but also thousands of others.
And how you can alter your own destiny, just by observing it.
But what you finally realise is Not how small you are in a vast and unfathomable universe, but how great you are, and how much control you really do have over your own life.
You will see yourself for the great miracle you are.
Then finally discover how you too can perform miracles in your own life.
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This Is Not a Book About What; It Is About Why; Why Things Happen, Why The Laws Work For Everyone Not Just A Chosen Few.
It Is The Science Behind The Words,
And the Science is Truly Astonishing
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If You Never Read Another Book In Your Entire Life. I Urge You To Read This Book And Change Your Life
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Copyright 2004/2010 Phil Gosling All Rights Reserved
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Author's Bio: 

In the summer of ’77, a young man with no money or prospects unwittingly used just one of
the ideas in this book to accidentally engineer his life, and thus he bumped into a very pretty
and petite 17-year-old girl. Thirty years, two dogs, and four children later, she’s still with
him, still his best friend. She had married a stargazer – someone who looks at distant horizons
and sees things others do not. She guards his feet and stops him tripping over things he can’t
see because he’s looking somewhere else.
Two of the children are like her, practical, intelligent, sensible, fiercely loyal to their friends.
Two are stargazers also – dolphins of the universe wondering why all the other fish can’t see
beyond the surface of the water.
If I said to her tomorrow that I was planning to fly to the moon, she’d give me the usual,
quizzical look, then get worried when she realized I was serious. But then she’d instantly give
me the encouragement I needed, when anyone else would have told me to wake up and get
Everything I’ve done, everything I am, starts and finishes with her.
The original Internet version of Success Engineering was published in early 2004 and became
an instant best-seller with well over 24,000 downloads sold worldwide, mainly by word of
mouth. This was before the huge success of movies like What the Bleep and The Secret. I
knew nothing of these films before I wrote the book, but as soon as I saw them I shouted for
This was because I knew that the ideas in this book pushed science “quite a few steps beyond
where it wanted to go.” In short, I was afraid of ridicule from real scientists – people who
have forgotten more about physics than I ever learned. So when I heard serious and highly
qualified scientists like Dr. John Hagelin, Ph.D. (Harvard), Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
(UCLA), and Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D., talking of exactly the same things, I could not even
begin to express the mixture of joy and relief I felt at that time. And still do. Even though I
had sold thousands of books and received many emails from buyers telling me how much this
book had helped them, the fact that at least three bona fide giants in the world of physics
were independently saying exactly what I had been thinking has been a pivotal event for a
professional stargazer. And even though they might not know me or understand why, I thank
them for their own courage in taking ideas “beyond where others want them to go,” and for
making me really chuffed, which of course is the main thing.
It didn’t end there. Engineering your success goes beyond the conscious into the very seams
and fabric of life. Out of the blue I heard of Bob Proctor and now have the huge privilege of
Success Engineering
© 2004, 2010 Philip Gosling. All rights reserved. 11
having this hard copy version produced by his LifeSuccess organization.
As a writer I thank Jack Canfield for the gentle inspiration of his own life success, and
Andrew Matthews, the million-selling Australian author of books like Follow Your Heart, for
his friendly telephone chats. Stargazers need company.
Finally, and most importantly, I thank you, dear reader, for also being willing to go beyond
where most people dare to go. It’s quite a journey.