Choosing to study in London can be exciting and a little scary at the same time. Traveling to the United Kingdom takes some preparation. A student should start by deciding what they are looking for in a college. Making a list can help narrow down choices that match a student's goals. Here are some tips for what to look for in a college when planning to study in London.

Visit in Person

It is easy to get a general idea of what a particular school is like from the school's website, but the best way to know if a school is right for a particular student is to visit. This does pose some challenges for students looking to study in London. It may seem counterproductive to make the trip to London twice, but the effort can be extremely beneficial to the student and their family. Plan to visit multiple schools. Call ahead and make appointments to avoid confusion. A guided tour of the campus is more beneficial.

Preparing to Study in London

Since most schools in London do not put a lot of weight on extracurricular activities. It is better to put the emphasis on academic achievements. Perspective students should include a cover letter stating why they want to study abroad. This is the place where a student can express their personality and interests. Remember to check grammar and spelling. First impression is everything. Spelling and grammar errors make a student look bad, not a good way to start off.

Take a Tour

As a student prepares to study in London, it helps a perspective student to have an idea of what to expect. A formal (with college staff) and informal (with a current or previous student) campus tour is an excellent way for a student to know what to expect. Many of the institutions in London have a long history. Inspect the campus to see if facilities are well maintained. Students should look at areas not on a typical campus tour such as the cafeteria, laundry room, kitchen facilities (if available), food preparation areas, locker room areas and campus lighting, especially outside around common walkways and gathering spots.

Some questions to ask:

• If transferring from another school, how many credits are eligible for transfer?
• Do students get to select their courses?
• What is the core curriculum?
• How restrictive is the curriculum for the selected major?
• Is tutoring available?
• How close is the school to transportation?
• Do students have reasonable access to faculty?
• Does the financial aid a student may have from their previous school follow them to a school in London?
• What are the holidays/breaks?
• Is crime an issue on campus?
• What is the availability of campus housing?
• What are the rules regarding campus parking?
• What are the living quarters like?
• What is the food like?

As a future or transferring student gets ready to study in London, it is impossible to ask questions covering everything. Get the contact information for each school. Many schools have programs that put current students in touch with perspective students. Doing a little homework can make studying abroad a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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