World’s second largest country that is blessed with nature’s bounty. Canada was colonised in the 15th century by the French and British Hence English and French are the main languages used for communication. It is a land of immigrants and hence very hospitable for the international students as well as immigrants.

Canada offers highest per capita immigration rate in the world hence it is very welcoming to the immigrants and international students.

The cultural diversity of Canada makes it an interesting place to live in. Furthermore, the United Nations Quality of Life Index ranks Canada amongst the top 10. Considered as safe, secure and peaceful country, Canada has welcomed millions of students and immigrants owing to its immigrant friendly national policy that supports multi-culture and multi ethnic environment. It is also considered to be one of world’s richest nations with its wide treasure of natural resources.

Canadian education is revered worldwide as degrees from the Canadian Universities hold prestige and opens the doors of opportunities worldwide. Advanced Research and development opportunities at universities in Canada make it a technologically advanced country and a lucrative study destination. Some of the universities in Canada are ranked amongst TOP 100 by most reliable ranking sources like QS World University Rankings, Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities and Times Higher education rankings.

Quality education at affordable cost, with scholarship options.
Student and Immigration friendly
World-class opportunities for research and innovation
Represents populations from varied nationalities with Diverse culture
Highest Living Standard in the world with beautiful environment
Clean, Safe, Secure and peaceful country blessed by nature
World class education and globally recognised degrees
Exciting Campus Lifestyle
High Employment Rate
The opportunity to STUDY WORK STAY

Known for its high expenditure of the per capita income on education, Canada claims to have one of the highest rate of post-secondary education. The various levels of education in Canada vary according to the different provinces and cities as the provincial governments control most of the Universities. There are different types of educational institutions in Canada for post-secondary level such as Colleges, Universities, technical and applied arts school, trade and vocation schools.

Apart from post-secondary education, a lot of private boarding schools offer excellent education to students and prepares them for colleges and universities. Yet close to ¾ of the total number of international students apply to post-secondary institutions.

Canada’s pro-immigration policies attract a lot of international students and numbers continue to increase drastically. Tertiary education in Canada covers academic, vocational, technical, and continuing professional education irrespective of it being offered by universities, colleges, or institutes.

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Gopi G