If you are the victim of injuries caused by another person, you probably have collected a number of medical bills for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Substantial unplanned expenses can play havoc with your budget, and family needs may suffer as a result. If you are struggling to find ways to pay mounting medical bills as a result of injuries caused by someone else, the following tips may help.

Organize Your Medical Expenses

Separate your injury-related medical expenses from your other health care costs, as these will be handled separately in a legal claim. Include ER visits, doctor exams, treatments, surgeries, therapies, and medication as well as anything else you have been billed for care of your injuries. Arrange your expenses by service provided and the date of service in chronological order and include names with contact information for each medical provider. Include copies of related documents, such as a police report, injury-related work absences, and bills for other costs, such as childcare during medical appointments.

Prepare a Timeline of Events

Make a personal timeline of events and activities leading up to, during, and following the accident that caused your injuries. You may have to check with family members or look at your calendar to remember where you were driving and the time of day it was. The list can be arranged sequentially or chronologically, and you should include the names of friends or relatives who were with you or who can serve as potential witnesses if needed.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Consult a local personal injury lawyer about your options. Explain the situation and get his or her opinion on whether you are eligible to file a legal claim. The case, if filed, would likely entitle you to compensation or reimbursement for medical costs you have paid or are billed for that stem from the accident. The attorney can explain the legal process of filing a claim, including a typical timeline and common proceedings. You may also be advised how to prepare as your case moves through a series of meetings and hearings in the legal system.

Find a Temporary Financial Source to Pay Bills

While you wait for a possible settlement or a court verdict, look for temporary sources to pay your medical expenses. You can apply for a personal loan, take out a credit card, or use your home equity to cover the bills for now.

Following these steps should lead to a resolution of your claim regarding injuries you have suffered. Work with a personal injury attorney to protect your loved ones against financial hardships related to your medical costs. By following these tips, you can ensure that your family’s financial future remains intact.

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Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.