Your shoulders are a vital part of your stability and freedom. You need them to be safe and pain-free to perform several activities, such as driving a car, raising grocery stores, doing housework, or picking up a child.

Strong shoulders make a major contribution to your overall upper body strength. Getting poor shoulders means lower productivity, and inevitably you will find that it will affect your daily life.

If you're looking for more interesting and enjoyable life experiences. You need to start strengthening those shoulders!

Below are some tips for the shoulder strengthening:


Start in the low plank position and push off from the floor into the high plank. Make sure that you engage your core and keep your hips as stable as possible. Then return to the low plank position and repeat. Alternate between starting with your left and right arm.

Repeat this exercise ten to twelve times per side and do a total of three sets.


With your feet shoulder-width apart, position your hands shoulder-width apart on the bar (any wider can injure the shoulder joint) and bring the bar to the front of your thighs. Lift slowly under control until the barbell reaches shoulder height. Slowly lower back to the start.


This move is actually a pushup variation—which means you perform it anywhere, anytime. But instead of your pecs doing most of the pushing, this position shifts the workload onto your shoulders. DO IT: Begin in a traditional pushup position, but move your feet forward and raise your hips so your body forms an inverted “V.” Keeping your hips elevated, bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor. Pause, and then reverse the movement. Bring your feet closer to your hands if you want to increase the difficulty for your shoulders.

Go for a stronger shoulder, stronger life!

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