If you have never had lower back pain, it can be hard to imagine how much you can suffer. On the other hand, if you happen to experience pain in the back, you are probably looking for a lasting and effective solution to experience less pain. The right back can be a satisfactory solution. This article presents the strengths of a posture corrector brace, but also suggests some simple tips to find the best model.

Straight back woman and man: how does it work?

To appreciate the value of this product, it's worth remembering a few things about back problems. Indeed, the back muscles are subjected to severe testing every day, and we unconsciously adopt a bad posture that increases these shocks and pains. The posture corrector is therefore mainly intended to correct the bad postures of the back and to maintain correctly the spine and the muscles which surround it. An excellent upright back supports both the lumbar, dorsal and cervical, and thus reduces the tension that is causing many chronic pain.

The strength of the accessory lies in the elastic bands and adjustable fabrics that insert the shoulders. They adjust in a jiffy, but tighten the shoulders and back hard enough to immediately straighten the back and maintain it in a horizontal axis parallel to the axis of the shoulders.

Types and uses of backrest

There are usually several types of women and men:

•The lumbar belt or classic corset: it covers the top of the spine and extends to the middle of the back, then it passes around the shoulders and back in the back.

•The reklinator, used in children. It goes down to the lower back and serves to correct scoliosis starts. But he is especially aiming to bring the shoulders back to maintain the back straight.

•The chest corrector is a bit special: it is itself equipped with a small back with rigid ribs. It is the reklinator that reduces both kyphosis and scoliosis.

•The orthopedic reklinator has the shape of a folded ribbon and reinforced from behind with a metal insert, or even plastic.

•Less conventional models, including harnesses, ergonomic pillows and ergonomic chairs. They also serve to straighten the back, but do not have the flexibility of a conventional corrector.

You can wear your reklinator throughout the day, or for just a few hours. He will accompany you during your shopping as needed. An ergonomic pillow or chair does not offer this type of benefit.

In order for the back rest serves really, it is absolutely necessary to use it according to the indications of the manufacturer. For example, some models are exclusively for children and should be used as such. The posture correctors for adults had to be properly tightened. Some models for women have the shape of a bra. So make sure they are the right size compared to your chest. In addition, it is better to avoid wearing a back with rigid inserts when you have to lift a dynamic load.

How to choose your posture corrector?

A functional backrest should have some features. Among other important elements, we can mention:

•The material must be both breathable and hypoallergenic.
•Opt for a model on which you can strengthen the belt tensions, so that the pressure on the shoulders is not too strong.
•Avoid models that are supposed to last too long. In general, a shoulder support lasts at most 6 months.

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