No one should feel ashamed of who they are and how they are feeling. Whether it be based on appearance, age, ethnicity or background, individuals should embrace their flaws and humble their strengths. Unfortunately, dozens of people mentally suffer from the judgments of spectators. In response, they shun themselves from society to avoid the guilt that comes with being stigmatized. This often leads to deep levels of depression. Unwilling to seek help from even family and close friends, healing becomes close to impossible. In this day and age, people deserve to receive adequate support that is convenient and easy to use. This is what led to the development of the free personalized social application known as Paralign (

Pouria Mojabi, founder and developer of the app, dealt with past depression and consequentially symptoms of stigma. He knows firsthand how difficult it is to seek help and how quickly one can be consumed in isolation. Mojabi wanted to create a network where users can express themselves without the fear of judgment. He recalls how powerful it was connecting with others that were experiencing similar circumstances. However, it took a while for Mojabi to gain enough motivation and finally discuss his problems with people. Throughout his recovery, he envisioned a digital application that would allow people to discuss their feelings in the comfort of their own homes. If something like this were available during his dark times, he surely would’ve moved towards the light sooner. Paralign acknowledges comfort levels by allowing people to express themselves in an environment they are familiar with. Additionally, users have the option of remaining anonymous while still getting things off their chest. Paralign’s feature, “Similar Minds,” connects users with people posting material related to their own, giving them hope that they are not alone. “Wondering Minds” functions as a page for users to scroll through and observe the network of thoughts. Join us and become part of a movement that will create a brighter future for you and all humanity!

Author's Bio: 

Pouria is the founder of Paralign (
He has spent 8 years in health care, starting his career at UCSF and VA medical center helping advance predictions of Alzheimer’s, parkinson and epilepsy diseases through MRI and imaging technologies.
He has a few pending patents building personalized disease prevention platforms combining genetics and lifestyle to predict diseases and to give recommendations, working at healthcare startups