Most individuals believe that visible signs of aging are inevitable & there is nothing you can do about the aging process. However, with the advent of modern technology & state of the art techniques, doctors will agree that it is possible to delay the aging process &, in most cases, reverse damage causes by neglect or the test of time. In this article, we will explore some of the keys to halting the aging process like the use of sunscreen products, diet & supplements, moisturizing & medical treatments. Implementing some or all of these suggestions will not only make you feel better but will make you look younger for many years to come.

One key to preserving your youth is to use a quality sunscreen product prior to spending any extended periods of time outdoors. It has been proven in clinical trials that UV (or Ultraviolet) rays from sunlight contribute to the aging process & prolonged exposure can be a leading cause of skin cancer. It is recommended to use a sunscreen product with a high SPF rating (15 or higher) when planning to be outdoors for any length of time. The use of a high SPF rated sunscreen, aloe & cocoa butter will help to prolong your youthful appearance as well as reduce the chance of sunburn, soothe any redness & make your skin smooth & soft.

Another key element in a youthful look is a good, healthy diet enhanced by daily vitamin supplements. In our busy day, we sometimes to not have the necessary time to eat correctly with a complete balance of recommended nutrient rich foods. Most doctors will suggest a diet that is high in calcium from dairy products, high in fiber from whole grains and high in antioxidants contained in fresh fruits. In combination with trying to eat correctly, a sound daily intake of vitamin supplements that contain high levels of vitamin A & B, iron & magnesium will contribute to a healthy look. Balance your meals, avoid fatty foods & utilize daily supplements to keep you feeling strong & looking your best.

Combining the use of a high quality moisturizing product with minor medical treatments can contribute to younger look. Individuals are bombarded with advertisements of products that contain magical ingredients from a so called “fountain of youth.” Most products over promise & under deliver, however, the aging process can be significantly slowed by daily use of skin care & moisturizing products that contain Matrixyl & Sesaflash. Matrixyl based products assist in halting the loss of collagen that leads to thinning skin & the wrinkles associated with aging. Sesaflash products deeply moisturize skin to prevent dryness & actually tighten skin to the point of reversing wrinkles. The use of these products in combination with minor medical treatments by your dermatologist like Botox injections and chemical facial peels can restore your youthful presence in a matter of days.

Take a common sense approach in your life to stopping & reversing the aging process. Stay out of the sun &, when you can’t, use a sunscreen product with a high SPF rating. Eat right & supplement your diet with daily vitamins. Use high quality skin care products that both moisturize & reverse the symptoms associated with getting old. Implementing these key suggestions will lead to better feeling & looking you so you can stop aging & start living.

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