In the 1950's and 60's companies like Amway came out and started to revolutionize the sales industry. Instead of just selling things in a store they took a different approach to their marketing ventures. They started going door to door selling to people, and getting those people to sell to people and then those people to sell to people, and the birth of Network Marketing began. It was a huge success! People from all over started having Amway parties, business conferences, and any other way they could get large amounts of people together so they could show off their stuff. 50 years later Amway is still a giant in the Network Marketing field even though you probably couldn't sell their products door-to-door if they paid you a million dollars. How is this possible?

Amway, and other network marketing companies learned a long while ago that if they wanted to stay at the top they had to adapt. It was no secret to them that people had all but stopped by products door-to-door, so in order to remain at the top they started Network Marketing Online. They changed their whole approach up. Instead of knocking at your door they started advertising on your computer. They set up websites that made it easier for you to purchase their products, and even become Network Marketers for them. However, somewhere along the way you didn't get the memo.

Network Marketing has changed since the days of dressing in a suite and tie, walking around your neighborhood, and annoying everyone. There are multiply ways of doing it now, and several angles you can approach from. So lets look at some of those approaches and talk about ways you should stop doing it.

1# Door-to-door!
In case you've been hibernating the past 20 years people aren't as accepting as they used to be. No longer is it socially acceptable for you to go knocking on your neighbors doors with a fruit cake, ask them to let you in, and start sharing your network marketing business. It's not that people aren't as friendly as they used to be, well maybe that's partially true, but the real fact of the matter is people are a lot more busier now days. We don't have time to sit down every night with the neighbors and hear all about their day. If we are lucky we allow are closest friends over maybe a couple of times a month, and even then we don't want to hear about network marketing. So instead of annoying your friends, family, and neighbors with face to face conversations why don't you take a less invasive approach. Get them to friend you on facebook, myspace, even twitter, and share it with them that way. It allows a much less personal way to open up dialog on a topic that most people avoid. It also allows you to share with them exactly what you're doing so they can visually see it rather than just telling them and watching as they slowly space out.

#2 Buying leads or using people to get leads!
This one truly baffles me, but the fact is people still operate there business this way. First of all, let me telling you plainly, buying leads is the dumbest thing you will do or have done. Nobody likes to be contacted out of the blue by someone they have never heard of because some company sold them down the river. Think of how you would feel if it happened to you? And, using people to get to their friends is just a cruel. People are not baseball cards that you trade back in forth hoping to get one that has value. We are living, breathing, emotional people who want to be treated with respect, and shown that we matter. If you treat us with respect and show us something of value than we can, and will, bend over backwards to help you. So instead of using people, give them something that can help benefit their life, and I assure you they will be more than happy to call their friends and family. In fact, if you can help a person achieve their dreams you will probably be the only thing they talk about for a very long time.

#3 Selling to friends and family
This is a touchy one. Sometimes you can offer a wonderful product or advantage that you want to share with everyone you know, and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when you are trying to turn them into Network Marketers also. Being a Network Marketer is something that you are either interested in or not. I have met very few people who hate network marketing and after I talked them to death they started to see the light. It is one of those things you either have in you or you don't. So if you know people who are good at selling things, or talking to people, then definitely talk to them, but be careful when trying to convert your family cause you might find yourself on adoption row. Instead, try moving your business online, and take advantage of the resources that the internet brings. Millions of people visit the internet every day, and establishing a Network Marketing business online allows you to funnel people who are interested in your products to your site, and not waste your time on people who space out during important details.

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