Hair loss is a widespread issue that many people deal with, and it’s one of those things as well that can be quite detrimental to your quality of life if you use your hair to express yourself as many do. While hair loss is often considered a problem for men, this is far from the reality, in fact as much as 40% of women will experience hair loss after menopause, and that is just one of the many causes for hair loss. If you are worried about your hair falling out, getting thinner, sudden changes in the amount of hair fall you are experiencing help is available. Seeking out a practitioner experienced in treating hair loss my not just help you improve the quality of your hair and help you with hair regrowth, but you may discover other underlying issues that were causing it as well, many of which can be quite severe if left untreated.

The Many Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss often runs in the family and is a common reason people may experience hair loss which is quite common in men especially. However, female-pattern baldness can occur as well as male-pattern baldness that is passed down the family line, often this type of hair loss gradually increases with ageing. Usually, this type of hair loss results in thinning hair in women and a receding hairline or bald spots in men. Many medications can cause hair loss or thinning hair, and this is quite a common side effect of many drugs. Extreme trauma and stressful events can lead to enough shock to cause hair loss as well. Even the things people use to style their hair, especially styling tools that use heat can result in hair loss, though this is usually in the form of increased breakage rather than patchiness or balding. Chemotherapy or radiation treatments are something that frequently results in hair loss by those that receive these treatments, and while the hair often returns once treatments are finished, often the hair will not be of the same thickness or quality that is was prior to the treatments.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

A treatment that uses a modern approach to dealing with hair loss concerns is PRP injections. These are produced from a small sample of the patient's blood that is then processed to form an injectable that is high in platelets that are then reinjected into the body, in the case of hair loss treatments the scalp area is usually targeted. Platelets are a component of your blood that is one of the things your body uses to assist with healing and to stop bleeding. PRP injections contain a range of growth factors that for many people assist with restoring hair regrowth when applied to the scalp, especially if the hair loss is resulting from some form of damage to the hair follicles.

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