Actually cancer is a disease by which the cells of a specific part of body go out of control. There are so many types and kinds of cancers and the reason of occurring is same uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells. It is true that the reason is same but all types of cancers behave in different ways.Types of different cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer, vaginal cancer and liver cancer.All types of cancers can be treated in different ways because the growth rate of diseases is different.

Stomach cancer which is also known with the name gastric cancer is a cancer which occurs in stomach. Do you know that your stomach is divided into five layers?Andif the person having cancer then the cancer can take place in any of this layer.

The stomach that composed in five layers and the innermost layer is known as mucosa. Digestive juices and other stomach acid are produced in this layer. Next layer is known as submucosa, this layer is surrounded by muscularis and this is a layer where the muscles with movements and mixes of stomach contents occur.

Next two layers are subserosa and serosa is known as the wrapping layers of the stomach. Serosa is the last and outmost layer of stomach.
Most of the cancer types of stomach occur in mucosa. But the cancer can grow deeper and also infection can be spread to other layers too. If this would happen then the results can be worst.

Cancer cells in stomach grow very slowly and so it can be happen suddenly. Those who are having cancer in stomach can see the changes in the lining of the stomach. But changes are actually not symptoms.

How does it spread?
It spreads to the different parts of the body and can grow by the wall of stomach and into organs nearby to it. It can attack the lymph nodes and to lymph system.

When the patient reaches to the advanced stage then it goes through the blood stream and can produce deposit of cancer cells in liver, bones and lungs. It also can attack to other organs but still the problem is known as stomach cancer.

Types of Stomach Cancer

Three main types of stomach cancer are known as gastric stromal tumors, lymphomas and carcinoid tumors.

Symptoms- sudden weight loss, lack of appetite, sense of fullness below the chest bone even after having small meal, abdominal pain, heartburn, ulcer

symptoms, indigestion, pain in above navel area, vomiting with blood or even in some cases without blood, nausea, abdomen swelling, weakness and fatigue.

Treatment- there is three main treatments of the stomach cancer are known as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.

Radiation is used for killing the cancer cells by high energy rays. Chemotherapy is usage of drugs so that it kills the cancer cells. Andlast surgery is removal of cancer especially the part having cancer cells.

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