In today's society, men are facing great pressure related to life and work. They are often too busy to take care of their own health, thus developing many bad habits. Prostatitis is one of the misfortunes caused by those habits, which has become a very common urogenital disease in men.

In the early stages, it's generally the acute prostatitis that makes trouble. But many male friends think it is just a temporary pain that they can put up with for several days before it fades away. However, things go wrong sometimes, and the disease may be unconsciously develop into chronic prostatitis, which can cause more serious damage to patients.

Preventing chronic prostatitis should be done as soon as possible. Your daily life is the battlefield, you have to be ready to fight. Here are eight tips that can help you better fend off chronic prostatitis.

1. Drink more water

Drinking more water helps you urinate more and dilute the concentration of urine. You should know that urine with high concentration can stimulate the prostate gland, increasing the risk of getting prostatitis. So it's necessary to drink more water in your spare time.

2. Don't hold back urine

Urinating in time is as important as drinking more water. A smooth water circulation in your body can play a role as physiological cleaning agent. If you just drink water without urination, the used fluid that contains many harmful substances will stay in your bladder, causing infection to the adjacent organs, including prostate gland.

3. Control sexual life

A moderate sexual life is needed for male friends. Frequent sexual intercourse can cause chronic congestion to the prostate gland, thus leading to prostatitis. They are suggested to have sex at most once a week, which makes the prostate have enough time to recover. Besides, long-time abstinence can cause distension and discomfort, which is also bad for the prostate.

4. Try to relax

Life stress may increase the chance of prostate enlargement. Clinically, when the pressure in life is relieved, the symptoms of prostate will be relieved as well. So male friends should try to stay relaxed and always keep a positive mindset. If they can't let bad emotions go, their family should encourage them, and a family trip may help.

5. Take a warm bath regularly

Too much work can make a man just want to fall asleep when he gets home. Why not take a warm bath? It can also help ease the fatigue. Warm bath can relieve muscle and prostate tension, and improve symptoms of discomfort. Regular warm baths are undoubtedly beneficial to patients with prostatitis. If you take a warm bath to wash your perineal part every day, you will get good results.

6. Avoid colds

Keeping warm in cold weather is necessary for men who have poor immunity. Don't sit on the cold stone for too long, because the cold can enhance sympathetic excitement, leading to increased pressure in the urethra and causing reflux.

7. Avoid friction

Perineal friction will aggravate the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, which can make the patient uncomfortable. It's suggested that male friends should avoid cycling too long.

8. Regulate the diet

The patient should not drink wine as far as possible, and they need to avoid eating chili, ginger and other pungent food. Eating too much stimulating food will cause repeated congestion in the prostate gland and aggravate prostatic bulge. Therefore, the patient should eat more vegetables and fruits, which will reduce the occurrence of constipation and keep the stomach and rectum clean.

Keeping good habits will make you steer clear of chronic prostatitis. If you are suffering from chronic prostatitis, you can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate inflammation and relieve pain. Long-term medication will help you get rid of chronic prostatitis eventually.

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