Following the principle of "from the heart, short and funny" the wedding speeches should inspire and provoke smiles.People want to be entertained. But the jokes with secret stories should be avoided, for the good of all.
The wedding toast tradition dates from the time of the ancient Greeks.Today the toast is usually a sign of gratitude to the audience. A toast should not be very long, especially if there are other people who want to say a few words too.The speach can be said as a beautiful story, full of meanings and stories or it could be a short greeting to those who just got married.

If some guests can avoid the responsibility of a wedding speech, the family members always have the honor to hold a speech. As
stepsister of the bride, you have a great responsibility.Your speech must be flawless. The stepsister of the bride wedding speech is an important speech. Everyone will be interested in the relationship of the two stepsisters, so, all guests will listen carefully your speech. But don't stress. Here are some tips that will surely impress the guests and your stepsister will be certainly proud of you.
Let guests know how important and special is your stepsister for you.Tell your stepsister how much she means to you and don't forget to tell your brother in law a welcome in your family. Congratulate them both. Smile.People need to see that you are happy for your stepsister. If you want everything to go perfectly, prepare your speach a few days before the blessed event.

Here are some wedding wishes and congratulations.Inspire yourself from them and create a wonderful stepsister of the bride wedding speech.

This day is an important day for me. My stepsister's marriage is a special event. Thank you all for being here. I wish my sister have a happy marriage with the man chosen. I sincerely hope that their life will be full of joy and happiness.
I wish you all the best and many beautiful children that fill you with happiness.

I wish you to have always warm words on cold evenings and a full moon in the darkest nights, And I hope that the road of fortune always reach to your front door.Enjoy your love, be happy and remember that I love you with all my heart.

Your wedding rings have a magical sense.They are the symbol of fidelity and show to the world that the heart belongs to the husband or wife.May your love be endless, just like the endless circles of your wedding rings.

I want to tell my brother in law "welcome" in our family. I want to tell my sister I love her as much as always, even if she married. I want to tell everybody that I am very glad for my sister's happiness. I hope all her life will be full of happiness.Have a wonderful marriage, sister!

Today you have become a family !You are brought together by a song, a tear, a smile and a whole love story. Enjoy every morning together, every night, every smile, every hug.There is a lifetime to love. I wish you from all my heart to have part of the greatest gift from God :happiness.Now I have a brother too, not only a sister. And I want to say that I love them both.

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