So you might have read my other post about “How not to be Successful”? Well that was just a bit of fun but it had a powerful message in it. Really I was just trying to reach people in a different way.

Based on that post I thougt I should do a more serious (not too serious!) post about what it takes to be successful. There is a proven formula and all you have to do is know what it is and follow it. I will create a more comprehensive post but this should get you going.

This is not some tip on how to run a business or what stocks to look at. If you have read Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad then you may have been a little disapointed that he doesn’t give you a “quick fix” on how to generate wealth. He gave you much more! He gave you a formula on how to be successful in any element of life you care to put some effort into. He gave you the key to the process. That is what this post is about, the process.

So this is a process I have learnt from reading books for years, attending hours of seminars, listening to podcasts, watching videos, talking to my mentors and learning on my way!

You need a Goal/Dream
This is the most important part! You must know what your goal or dream is. Without this you won’t achieve anything. If you don’t have one yet….go out and get one!

Write that goal or dream down
So now you have the goal you need to write it down. I have a notebook that has my goals in it. I look at this to remind myself. I have done this so often now that I know EXACTLY what I want. You should know exactly what you want.

Create a to do list of what you need to do
Now you have that goal you need to work on what has to be done to get it! Don’t wait just begin.

Find someone who has achieved what you want
There is nothing more motivating than being around someone who has what you want. It makes it real and you may even find they are willing to give you some help. You will be surprised how open people are if you tell them they have achieved what you want. In fact they will probably be more than happy to spend some time with you. Obviously be polite and ask if they are willing to meet with you before you try and have a meeting!

Start to do the work
Ahh the work! Now we have the goal, the to do list, perhaps even met someone who has what you want. Now we need to get to it and start working. I should probably say at this point that this is where most of us make a mistake. We tend to think too much about this rather than actually doing the work. It’s something I know I have done and it stops you getting your goals and dreams.

Keep your eye on the dream not the work!

It is really important to keep your eye on the dream and not the work. How do you do this? Well let’s say your dream is to own a certain car. Every week or so go into the showroom and sit in the car. Ask the salespeople and they will most likely let you take pictures with you in it. If you are really nice you might get a drive! Whatever the dream keep looking at it, touching it, dreaming it. If you just want more time in your life take some time out and imagine what it would be like when you do have time.

Check your progress
I see this a lot in people who are achieving great things but feel like they are not doing enough. Why? They are not checking their progress. It is really key to look back at what your goals were and how much of them you have achieved.

You can even reward yourself. If you don’t do this then subconsciously you will not want to achieve your goals. As I said this is not a detailed post on the process but a good start. Look out for the the more detailed posts soon.

Go for it! What would you do if you couldn’t fail? Work that out and go for it!


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