Why is it do you suppose that two people can be faced with the same crisis and while one becomes hopelessly mired in a web of negativity and feelings of helplessness, the other is able to overcome adversity and bounce back stronger than ever?

Challenges and disappointments are inevitable in life. Most of us will encounter relationship problems, health issues, financial stresses, work worries, or bereavement. Even great wealth can’t shield us from trauma and tragedy — but resilience can strengthen our ability to face any crisis and turn adversity into an opportunity for growth.

Resiliency, our ability to effectively overcome obstacles or severe hardship, is one of the keys to greater self-esteem and developing confidence in our abilities. It can help prevent depression and enhance relationships. It helps us deal with sudden and unexpected challenges as well as those we anticipate and cannot avoid.


It’s not that some people experience fewer of life’s hard knocks. In fact research has proven time and again that resilience is not a genetic gift for the lucky few; but a set of skills that can be practiced and mastered over time.

How is this book different?

Most books about resilience are written from a clinical perspective and focus on two main areas; childhood development and recovery from crisis. Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience is a self-directed learning guide to cultivating the skills necessary to become more resilient in life.

The hard truth is from time to time we’re going to stumble; encounter unexpected detours, and fail. No matter how much we try to outrun or sidestep adversity, it’s going to happen. The question then becomes not how to avoid adversity, but how to use adversity to our advantage.

Cultivating greater resilience is the key to making that happen.

Author's Bio: 

Marquita (Marty) Herald writes about personal growth and the art of inspired living. Her professional background includes a successful 20 year career in sales and marketing followed by a decade of practical experience as a life and small business coach working with entrepreneurs.

She is also the founder of the Blog - IGG - Tips, Tools & Tantalizing Ideas about the courage to be your best, most unique self; the strength to accept the power you have to create the life you really want; and the confidence to spend less time worrying and more time creating memorable moments in your journey through life.

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