I have written a book, which should be out in the next few months. In it I share a story regarding the beginning of human kind, which I have alluded to in some of my Fifth Elements. It’s a story that elicits deep compassion for our species as we are a people divided within. This is not to say that we can’t function, enjoy our lives, make some progress spiritually and even love. We can do all of these things to varying degrees, even without any conscious connection to ourselves.

In rare circumstance someone has been born integrated with their true self and operates from within that context throughout their lives. We would see them as carrying a kind of truth that is not typically seen - an authenticity flowing with compassion and unconditional love. They may also exhibit a high level of intuitive abilities. This is because when you are in conscious connection with your true self you can be no other way, and what a delightful way to be!

As I stated in my last blog, I would like to continue by sharing some useful methods for making this profound and God-like connection within.

The first step is that you have to understand that your mind, body and emotions will fight for their very lives to stay in control. It has been that way from the beginning of our cobbled together species. It has been a matter of life and death in this physical world. These aspects of ourselves have little or no knowledge of our other non-physical, yet infinitely wiser, half. Conversely, the true self has little consideration for the material aspects of life as it lives beyond this need. However, if we can merge the two we have an exalted earth experience in joining into a compatible working relationship with us as the beneficiaries! And there is something even more beautiful about this journey.

Imagine being a child of alcoholic parents, some of you already know this well. The child cannot relax and trust in the parent as the consequences can be dire if they let their guard down. This makes for an anxious and often mistrustful human being.

This is how our animal parts - mind, body and emotions - are. They have been out there on their own, with no higher loving guidance, for so long they don’t know what it is to trust and to relax into the arms of a higher force. When we make the commitment to come into alignment with our true selves, the frightened, survival oriented animal parts of our being can, for the first time, begin to relax and give way to the wise and loving parent within. Can you feel truth in these words? If so, please read on.

First we must make the conscious choice that the time has come to be an integrated human being. We must command our earthly parts to listen and accept that this is to be for the best of all aspects of our being. You are choosing to Know Yourself.

Secondly you need to take quiet time for yourself so that you can begin feeling the subtle layers of yourself. In this ‘meditative’ time begin to consciously breathe. As you breathe begin to invite your true self/soul into your awareness. This sends a signal to the mind/body/emotions that You are taking control.

Become very observant and notice subtle energetic changes within your body, your head, behind the eyes, and, above all else, a shift in your perceptions. Begin a dialogue with You. You might start out by saying that you know little of this part of yourself but that you are choosing to “Know Thyself” now. Your true self wants nothing more than to be in a conscious connection with you. As you breathe into your connection with You, ask it to find a way of signaling to you when You are present as it may not be obvious at first.

There is another unconventional technique of bringing the two into closer alignment. This is to name Yourself.

In indigenous tribes it is common to rename oneself a time or two throughout your lifetime as your maturity progresses and certain life experiences have been attained. This is good thinking as we seldom stay put on a vibrational level, we are always changing. A person knows when their old name no longer has energy and no one else can make that decision for them.

When you choose to change your name the only requirements for a successful name change is that the name makes you feel alive, joyful, strong, wise or powerful within yourself. If it meets these ‘feelings’ then it’s wise to make the change.

In the case of your true self, it has it’s own signature, sound - name. This name is very likely not known to you. So, as in your physical life, you can choose a name, making sure that it brings the ‘feelings’ of wisdom, love, compassion, strength and a subtle sense of joy. In this way you can begin to forge an aware relationship between your parts.

You may feel an unexpected sense of knowing that comes from nowhere obvious. You may feel a lightness of being, a new kind of patience, joy, attractions to new pursuits - any number of new feelings and desires. Don’t try to analyze these newly developing traits, rather, indulge them and give them recognition. In doing so, you send a clear message that you are listening and open to change.

At first the true You peeks through your awareness for you to glimpse. But, with time, you can willingly merge with the true self and signal the other earthly animal parts step aside for the good of the whole.

The journey can take minutes or a lifetime, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we begin. When serious numbers of us have chosen this integrated path, our world will be irrevocably altered. There will be no tolerance for lies and secrets can’t be kept. Decisions will be made with the best good for all in mind. Fear of death and separation evaporates as your Beloved is You. You have, in your constant companionship your angel, your friend who has no fear of earthly matters.

This is what the sages of the ages have called Enlightenment and it’s within the grasp of every human being if we dare commit to it. Be patient. Expect change.

Author's Bio: 

Regina Meredith is a lifelong journalist with her early roots in network sports coverage and anchoring the nightly news. Having chosen to use the media for the purpose of higher education, Regina broke away from mainstream news and began pursuing an independent media career which has included producing an award winning documentary, more than 100 features on the environment, newspaper columnist, producing and hosting six-seasons of a PBS and international vegetarian cooking show series titled Regina's Vegetarian Table, authoring two cookbooks and co-founding Conscious Media Network. The past six years of her life have been devoted to interviewing more than 300 of the top progressive thinkers of our time. She has written a new book on the path to spiritual awakening that will be available in early 2011. The underpinnings of her life's work has been a 30 year long commitment to the process of her personal spiritual growth and enlightenment. You can see the body of Regina's work at www.cmn.tv.