It can be quite a stressful thing for the mother of the bride to be asked to give a wedding speech on the most important day of her daughter. Moreover, it’s more worrying if the one who’s asked to deliver the speech is the bride’s stepmom. So, here are some advices in writing a stepmother of the bride wedding speech.

First, you need to know the basic structure of composing a speech:

· Introduction

You should introduce yourself appropriately and let people know who you are too evenly set the mood and tone since it’s quite uneasy at your first words.

· Message to the Bride

Some background of you and your stepdaughter’s beginnings and memorable moments or essential parts of your life with her.

· Message to the Groom

Welcome him to the family.

· Toast

Second, you should be aware that you are the one setting the mood by picking the tone of your speech. Some wanted it to be jolly while others want it to be dramatic. It’s your own preference actually. But nevertheless, just follow the format and you’ll get your words when you lost track due to the butterflies in your stomach.

Here’s a Balanced Example of a Wedding Speech from a Stepmom:

A blessed day ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this wonderful wedding celebration of my daughter Marie and her beloved husband Anthony. My name is Elleanor Andrews and I am the stepmother of the bride. Thank you for coming here and witnessing as our precious daughter starts her new journey of entering a married life. I know many of you have sacrificed this day just to attend here and I give you my utmost sincere gratitude.

Marie is like the sun in rainy days and the moon in my lonely nights. She gave me love and made me feel like I’m her true mother. I never had a chance to have my unborn child that’s why I thank God that I shared most of my life with her, watching her grow in beauty and serenity until this day comes that she walked down the aisle, looking gorgeous and nervous at the same time. Most of all, I thank God for giving her someone, whom I know would take good care of her and love her as much or even greater than we did.

I can still remember when Marie introduced to us Anthony, the man of her dreams as she says. Immediately I saw his passion as she looks at my daughter with such great love and I know that it’s the same way I see in my husband’s eyes every time he looks at me. Anthony, welcome to our family and take good care of her. She’s like a crown – so precious, so beautiful, and now it’s up to you if she’ll stay the same until you both reach your old years together.

Let me remind you of something I learned about marriage. It’s not about the flowers, the foods, the decorations, the guests, the ceremony or even the marriage certificate. All of these will just fade as years pass by. Even love gets tired sometimes and just fail when not nurtured properly. So love one another and always cherish the good times, learn from the bad ones.

I personally thank all of you for attending today and I hope you enjoy the rest of the program. Let us toast for Marie and Anthony’s happiness!

Be creative in preparing your speech! It’s your own personal words for your stepdaughter and remember, the moment you stand in front of her until the time you sit, she’ll be the first one watching and cheering you up as you say those words of love to her and her spouse.

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