You know what you came here to do. It's the big dream that you haven't shared with anyone yet - but you've dreamt it over and over again for many years.

You know you're here to help people and to make money. You have all the skills and experience you need to manifest this work successfully. First you have to get past the bogeyman (or what I call the "pitiful self").

There is a self-doubt deep inside of you that makes you pull back just before you take the brave step into the light of your new direction, the work you came here to do.

It's time to override that voice of the pitiful self and take your leap of faith into unknown territory. This is your moment, and it's what you came here to do.

You're here to be an explorer, a settler of unknown territory, a prospector into the divine. It's why you came to planet earth, not to hide out in your self-doubt confinement.

There's new territory waiting to be discovered by only you with the unique gifts you brought with you. This is sacred ground waiting to be blessed by your unsteady feet, and your children are watching to see how far you will go down the unknown path. They will, of course, go farther than you in their time. But you can make important progress for them, progress that gives them a better chance at success.

Who will your children be after they watch you cringe at the mention of change? Where will your children go after they listen to your misery about a world where no one gets to be successful doing what they love? Who will they be after watching you suffer every day because of a career that doesn't fit your true gifts?

That voice of self doubt, the pitiful self, is an essential part of being human. It's inside all of us. It pulls us back to the limited mind, to the limited consciousness that lives within the body. This heavy burden of limited flesh and a scattered mind is what we signed up for when we came here to evolve.

Yet the pain and self-doubt is designed to become our fuel for doing our great work - for offering to the world what we wish had been offered to us. Will you let your pain and doubt stop you now from living up to the mission you came here to accomplish? Or will you use it as your fuel for moving forward? It's your choice. Everything depends on your decision.

You intended to use your energy (fueled by pain and doubt) to manifest greatness through your work, to push consciousness to a new level, to help make life on planet earth magnificent for everyone. Your children still carry that dream in their DNA. Will you diminish their dreams with your own fear?

Wake up! Take a deep breath. Fill your body with the light of new ideas! Open your eyes and ask gratefully, "Who did I come here to be?" You are not here to be afraid! Take a bold step in your true direction, the one you've always been afraid to take, the one that's bigger than the rest - the unspeakably great one. That's your true mission and your next step. Everyone is waiting.

Here are six steps to get you going:

1. Meditate, pray, or at least unplug for 20 minutes every morning to get your own powerful intuitive guidance - which is very different from your fear voice.

2. Understand your path and mission by studying the numbers in your date of birth to learn what they mean about your career.

3. Make a list of three baby steps you could take this week to investigate your next career step - the one that's in alignment with both your path and dreams.

4. Use humor, gratitude, dreaming, and meditation or prayer to raise your energy and override the pitiful self.

5. Dream a little dream every night and write it down in the morning. Before you lay down to sleep, ask for intuitive guidance through your dreams. When you awake, write down everything you can remember.

6. This week take three baby steps into unknown territory and don't look back.

Author's Bio: 

Sue Frederick is a Career Intuitive, where she combines a unique gift of powerful intuition and practical career know-how. Visit for free videos