In 2015, we will be faced with health challenges that will surface in myriad ways. One health challenge will rise from our old issues. The second challenge we will face will be from the toxins in our environment.

We all know the Earth is changing. We see it in our weather patterns, in the growth of plants, and the behavior of animals. Our planet’s magnetics and frequencies are rising in gigahertz (color, vibration and energy) or are being twisted out of a supporting nature to life by waveform dis-harmonies from digital signals or large antenna arrays.

These changes, however, do support the rise of our personal and spiritual growth in each individual and in humanity as a whole. This kind of growth can manifest in many ways, but especially in health challenges – one of our fastest ways to grow.

Let's look at 2015. Our issues will give us the clue to the health challenges in our tissues, and the clues to staying healthy. For example, many of us will have old anger surfacing. Anger can affect the body by causing hot spots such as fevers, inflammation, fatigue, viral infections, migraines, some cancers, and possibly joint pain. Besides those prescribed by your medical practitioner, the best ‘medicines’ will be your food and drink choices. The second best medicine is to release the old issues.

A first overall suggestion to healthier food choices is to follow your blood-type eating plan. The second (especially if you are prone to inflammation) would be to combine a leaky gut plan (Campbell-McBride) with your blood-type eating plan (D’Amato). Of course, if the plans say a food is bad – even if one of the plans say it is bad – don't eat it. Will such simple changes work for everyone? It will work very well for 80% of the population, according to my guides, but only if folks take care to eat less processed, boxed, or pre-made foods. Why eat less of those man-made foods? Less GMOs, less pesticides and, of course, less consumption of chemical additives that promote addictions and destroy digestion.

Why release our old issues? Why would experiencing anger or depression give rise to unexplained and unsubstantiated illness? We are in a hot house of spiritual growth that is attempting to germinate all the ‘weeds’ in our garden so we can pull them. It is all happening for our individual spiritual growth and the betterment of human consciousness. Thus, the anger arising in us from a simple talk with a friend, a store clerk, computer problems, repressed desires, or you name it, will usually be found linked to childhood issues, memories or habitual patterns we learned from our parents. But in the end, when you look deeply enough, the anger, depression, anxiety, or any emotional or physical illness has a basis in fear. Fear was a choice or learned behavior taught to us. Release the fear that underlies the anger and watch your body begin to change for the better. Choose love or trust, the opposite of fear, in your daily responses and watch your life and body manifest more joy and health.

In the meantime, certain teas and herbs are helpful provided you aren’t allergic to them - olive leaf, cultured probiotics, star anise added to non-caffeine chai tea, pineapple/papaya or cider vinegar for digestion, Rhodiola, and rose hips. The use of flower essences and oil will also help in the release of old issues. According to my guides, you may choose several essences or oils that match what you are experiencing. Take a 4 oz. blue bottle of distilled water and add 7 drops of each essence up to 5 essences in total. This will be your personal formula to aid release, and should be taken 5 times a day.

Author's Bio: 

Francesca is a Medical Intuitive & Energist residing in Portland. From a very young age, she manifested the ability to ‘see’ the physical and energetic issues in the body in great detail. She is an adjunct to your health protocols and is not a substitute for a medical practitioner. For over 30 years, she has given people specific and unique information for their healing path. She has mentored with many spiritual teachers including C. Myss, E. Pearl, Dr. Alper, etc. Many find her style similar to that of Edgar Cayce. She is the author of Living an Ordinary Life, Spiritually - A Case Study and Workbook for Intuition due to be released in 2016.