Health is very important and staying healthy is a major thing in everybody’s life. Nowadays, we can see that every person is under the threat of being diseased. Day by day, the number of diseased people is also increasing. This is maybe because of the fast-paced life and lifestyle of the people.

Here we can see a great increase in the number of hospitals too. Even though the number of hospitals are increasing or are available at every nook and corner of each major city, there we get no discounts on the rate of money for treatments. Instead, forgetting all kinds of treatments, we should possess a huge amount of money along with us.

As it is not affordable, most of the people in our society will not go for treatment until it reached its peak level. Then the disease may reach its dangerous situation and it may not be cured at that point. This is what that happening in most of the houses in our society.
There arrives the importance of the health insurance policy of Miyamiya known as Hospicash. Miyamiya Hospicash is a kind of health insurance that provides a cash benefit in case you are hospitalized. That's why it's important to know the benefits that you get when you purchase your MiyaMiya Privilege Card.

This facility is available only to those customers who are registered with our Miyamiya by buying our Platinum Card. It protects you from the unexpected expenditure that occurs to you during the time of hospitalization. We provide you a fixed amount for each day of hospitalization without considering the actual expenses.
Some of our benefits are the following:

You can claim each day of hospitalization as per your plan
Continuity would be offered from similar Hospital Cash Policy with the same per day benefit amount
The product is offered from 1 year to 65 years and it can be renewed throughout the lifetime.
Per day benefit will be two times when hospitalized in an ICU in your home city i. e. within the city of residence.
The policy can be on individual Sum Insured basis or on family floater basis, covering self, spouse, and two dependent children (up to 25 years).
Per day benefit will be three times when hospitalized in an ICU outside your home city i. e. outside the city of residence.
For Individual as well as Family floater plan, only one hospitalization benefit plan across all members needs to be selected.
No medical tests are required for clean proposals.
ICU benefit is available for a maximum period of 10 days for each hospitalization and a maximum of 20 days during the policy period.
Additional convalescence benefit of Rs 5000 is available for hospitalization of more than 10 days and it is payable only once per hospitalization event.
Total Claim Amount of Hospicash is Rs 90000, Total Claim Days in a Year is 180 days. Daily Hospitalization benefit due to sickness is Rs 500 and the ICU benefit in the home city of residence (max. 10 days) is Rs 1000. The ICU benefit in places other than the home city of residence (max. 10 days) is Rs 1500. The Convalescence benefit for hospitalization exceeding consecutive 10 days is Rs 5000.

So, from now onwards do not get tensioned for being diseased. Go and consult a good doctor at a better hospital without getting late. We will return the expenses you meet at the hospital for your treatment.

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Miyamiya Privilege Card is a special privilege and guaranteed discount facility, created and managed by Sways Trading and Marketing Pvt Ltd. Miyamiya Privilege Card ensures a guaranteed discount for our card holders from our registered merchants as well as service providers.