Every human being needs oxygen to survive. We take oxygen from plants in the environment. But when a person gets sick and falls into an oxygen crisis. Then how will that person get oxygen? It was from this thought that the supply of oxygen cylinders to Linde began.

Linde supplies gas to Bangladesh's growing healthcare, food, and soft drinks, medicine, and shipbuilding industries. The Linde oxygen cylinder price BD is so affordable. Linde Bangladesh and Timely product Ltd is giving top-notch gas management. It's dependable flexibly to the clients with the assistance. They innovated the Air Separation Unit (ASU)

Transport and storage by the supplier

The pressure control of the gas cylinder depends on the type of gas.The Linde oxygen cylinder price BD always provides reasonable price mart. The gas in the cylinder is supplied to the cylinder by pressure up to about 300 times. Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and hydrogen, helium type gases are supplied in the same way.

Packing processing

  • Made from thin steel and aluminum
  • Able to hold low pressure
  • Easy to use

Delivery to the user

They ensure that all cylinders use the cylinder gas properly and safely before sending it to the customer. For which it is fitted with a valve and can be used as required. The valve design of each cylinder. Its functionality and the model of each is made depending on the gas. Which is considered safe for a customer. The cylinder is attached to the shut-off valve to reduce the gas pressure and keep it safe.

Secure for the user

The Linde Oxygen Cylinder is very helpful for a user. It is easy to use. Timely Product Limited is providing Linde oxygen cylinder price BD at a low cost to the users. As a result, a user is getting oxygen benefits within his means. The use of oxygen cylinders in Linde does not cause any insecurity.

Its design is very carefully prepared because it is made by controlling the pressure of the gas. As a result, it is prepared with importance as a part of customer safety.

Part of customer safety

  • Linde Oxygen Cylinder Gas has a stamp hydrostatic test date for five years.
  • Stains are labeled for identification
  • The safety valve has caps
  • The Linde oxygen cylinder is not likely to be damaged or leaked.

Easy to manage

Oxygen cylinders are commonly used in medical and patient cases. It's easy to use. It is not a problem to open the valve while it is close to the patient. There is no leakage, which can cause damage.

Besides, some instructions are given:

  • Set up the cylinder before placing it with the patient.
  • Attach its necessary equipment to the cylinder.
  • Open the valve slowly.
  • If possible, refrain from placing the cylinder next to the patient.
  • Keep the cylinder away from grease, oil, alcohol.
  • Keep in a clean dry place.
  • When storing the cylinder make sure that the cylinder is empty.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Keep away from excess heat.

Linde group medical equipment

Linde has been a priority in the medical system for over 130 years. Is a leading provider of oxygen gas for health care and therapy. In Bangladesh, Timely Product Limited provides medical equipment. Linde oxygen cylinder price BD at low and affordable prices all over Bangladesh.
Here are some equipment and accessories:

  • Gas cylinder
  • Vessel for oxygen
  • Valve
  • Oxygen Trolly
  • Flow Meter
  • Medical Mask

The quality of medical oxygen equipment is crucial for the health sector. A timely product provides service to the customer while maintaining quality.

Linde oxygen supply companies to customers

Oxygen is required every day in different hospitals in Bangladesh and also oxygen cylinders are required for patients at home. Various companies in Bangladesh are supplying Linde oxygen cylinder price BD at very low prices. The standard is complete and affordable.

Companies that supply Linde Oxygen Cylinders in Bangladesh

An oxygen chamber is essential and supportive of human peril. As of now, an oxygen chamber in the COVID-19 is generally required for a solitary patient. But if its price skyrockets then people lose dependence. However, the Linde Oxygen Cylinder price BD is affordable. Oxygen cylinders are artificial support for humans. Which extends a helping hand in times of crisis.

Here are some Linde oxygen cylinder company:

  • Linde Bangladesh
  • Oxygen cylinder Dhaka BD
  • Timely Product Ltd Bangladesh
  • Nursing Home Care
  • Maisha Care Ltd

Linde oxygen cylinder price BD:

Buying and Rental Options from Timely Products Company

1. Buying
Complete Cylinder Set – Tk. 26,522.00 (counting 15% VAT)

2. Rental
Every day Rental: Tk. 25.00 + 15% VAT
Security Deposit: Tk. 25,000.00 for complete chamber set (refundable)

COVID-19 as a wakeup call for Linde Oxygen Cylinder in BD:

Oxygen gets to be a disregarded component of wellbeing administrations, regardless of its fundamental job in the treatment of various conditions. COVID-19 has made an open door for generous speculation in this fundamental treatment. Arranging, choosing, and obtaining oxygen hardware requires experienced biomedical specialists. And nearby Timely Products Company to consolidate information on the neighborhood setting, gear biological system, and clinical rules to choose the gear that can best serve the requirements for COVID-19.

All the reputed organizations in Bangladesh are delivering Linde Oxygen. Cylinders from every region of Bangladesh to every hospital and home in the city. Every organization is providing to the common man at a low price while maintaining their highest standards. It is not only helping the people but also the welfare of the society

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