Sri Nageshwarar temple is a Hindu temple which is located at kundrathur village in Chennai City, Tamil Nadu. This temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva(Nageshwarar) is the presiding deity and goddess called as Kamachi Amman. This temple was built by Saivite Saint Sekkizhar. This temple is also called as Vadanageshwaram. This temple is considered as Rahu Sthalam.

History of Nageshwarar temple:

The first Tamil poet and a Scholar named as “Sekkizhar”, who was born in Kundrathur Village.

His original name is Arunmozhi Thevar and he had the popular community title called “Sekkizhar” and it was honored by the title Uthama Chola Pallava by King Anabaya Chakravarthy.

He lived under the period of King Kulothunga Cholan II in the 12th century. King Kulothunga Cholan II, was a devotee of Lord Siva.He decided to reconstruct the center of Tamil Saivism that was begun by his ancestors.

Sekkizhar is a scholar and familiar in both the Vedas as well as the Aagamas and being a Saiva saint himself, knew about Nayanmars. And he was the author of periyapuranam and sung about the greatness of 63 Nayanmars.

Saivite Sekkizhar once visited the Rameshwaram temple near Kumbakonam, a place for the Rahu planet.After worshiped Nageswarar, Saivite Sekhar was so excited to enjoy the darshan every day. But it was not possible to worship daily because of the long distance from this place. So one day he planned to build a similar temple like Thiru Nageshwaram to his native birthplace, Kundrathur. Sekkizhar was fixed Lord Shiva with Naagabaranam(snake as an ornament) in the lingam and he named the deity as “Sri Nageshwarar”.

The Navagraha Temples Placed in and around Chennai as follows:
1.Kolampakkam – Agatheeswarar temple(Suriyan)
2.Somangalam – Somanadheeshwarar temple(Chandran)
3.Poonamalle – Vaitheeswaran temple(Angaragan)
4.Kovur – Sundraeswarar temple(Budhan)
5.Porur – Ramanadheeswarar temple(Guru)
6.Maangadu – Valeeswarar temple(Sukran)
7.Pozhichalur – Agatheeswarar temple(Shani)
8.Kundrathur – Nageshwarar temple(Rahu)
9.Gerugampakkam – Neelakandeswarar temple(Ketu)

Puja timings :

Lord Nageswarar represents the attribute of the Rahu planet. Milk Abhishek is performing to lord Nageswarar in the morning from 6.30 AM to 10.00 AM and at evening started at 5.30 PM. Those who are affected by this dosha, participate in the puja and also perform abishek during the Rahu Kalam time with Ulundhu Dhal rice.

List of Festivals celebrations:

A 10-day Brahmostsavam is celebrated with Chithra pournami(Full Moon day) in the month of April – May. On the eighth day of celebration, Lord Nageswarar gives darshan to his devotees, when the Naalvar (The Four Poet Saints) namely

4.Manikavaasagar with Sekkizhar going procession around the Lord.

The wedding festival between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is celebrated on the day of Chithra Pournami(full Moon day).

Special abishekam is performed for all poet saints on all Poosam Star days. Guru Pooja is celebrated for 10 days in Vaikasi month(May – June )with Poosam Star Day.
On the morning of Guru Pooja day, Sekkizhar is taken out from and place him in the car shed, when the public has taken himself as behalf of the lord to the temple. On the 4th day of celebration, Saivite Sekkizhar visits the Thirunageswaram temple.

1. Purattasi Niraimani Kaatchi – September and October
2. Aadi pooram – July and August
3. Maasi Magam – February and March
4. Thai Poosam Star floating festivals are some other festivals celebrated in this temple.

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