A square corner valance is an option that’s easily added to your windows in order to maximize the style and appearance of your window’s pre-existing shades or blinds without adding the inconvenience or bulk of full drapes and curtains. Using a simple and hidden small plastic insert, you can attach a beautiful valance as part of your window treatment to simply and effectively compliment your window coverings. Valances come in all kinds of fabrics, styles, and colors to match and enhance your existing window treatments and to coordinate with your home décor.

If you find plain blinds or shades a bit bland and minimal for your tastes, then adding a square corner valance is a very chic and easy way to include a bit of luxury to your windows, without sacrificing the ease or convenience of shades and blinds. In addition, many valances are available in solar fabric to further enhance the energy saving capabilities of your window coverings. You will find that these small and simple valances pack a large fashion statement, without compromising the simplicity of your design.

A square corner valance adds all the style of drapes, for just a fraction of the cost. They are also kept conveniently out of reach of small children, and so do not propose any choking or strangulation risks if you have small children and toddlers in your home. The style of a corner valance is easily maintained, and they are generally low maintenance. Valances are appropriate options for roller shades, blinds, or other minimalist window coverings.

You can have the hint or appearance of sophisticated drapes without the hassle. Square corner valances are easily and quickly installed with little effort involved in the insert installation or the actual hanging of the valance. It is both easy and simple to do yourself. Using a corner valance insert piece to hang your valance allows the appearance to remain smooth, chic, and flow seamlessly without bulky and unsightly rods or visible hangers.

Square Corner Valance

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