So you’re looking to put on an event of some kind and you realize that amongst the plethora of considerations, one of the most important factors to consider is going to be cost. After all, there’s no point putting on an event if you’re not going to make any money out of it. Of course you may be putting on a non-profit event of some kind, which is great, go have a go doing it but chances are even a non-profit event has to keep costs down in very much the same way as any other commercial event.

There are lots of ways you can keep your costs down when holding an event of some kind. You’ll probably have a list of all your event costs and you’ll be going through them one by one looking for creative ways to lower the cost of each one.

One fantastic way to lower your event costs if to try and get an event sponsor of some kind or if you’re really ambitious multiple event sponsors. This can help to significantly reduce the overall costs of your event. If you’re really lucky, sponsors can end up paying for the whole event and a lot of what goes on at the event, leaving you with the (simple) task of ensuring everyone has a fun and memorable time.

Event Access Wristbands
With every paid for event you will usually need security access & identification for everyone that has paid to get into your event. This has, in the past usually taken the form of entry tickets of some kind but in the last few years it has increasingly become an event wristband of some sort. These handy little items are much more durable than tickets and are used extensively as a hassle free alternative, being great for efficient admissions and general crowd flow.

Event wristbands are a perfect opportunity for sponsors to embellish them with their branded message and company logo. Event wrist bands have become extremely popular with event organizers because of their versatility and their ability to raise funds from sponsorship. With an event wristband you are guaranteeing everybody in the event will be literally wearing your branded message and company logo on their wrists for the whole duration of the event. That’s quite a guarantee for any sponsor!

Selling the Concept to a Sponsor (and to yourself)
In seeking an event sponsor for your wristbands you will need to be able to focus on the positives and really sell the concept to potential sponsors. There are also plenty of positive reasons for using wristbands for events regardless of getting sponsorship of not. Here are a few positives to get you started.

Event wristbands are incredibly versatile with literally thousands of different styles, color variations & combinations that can be customized. Almost all types of wristbands can have promotional messages from your event sponsors placed on them. Event wrist bands can be printed in full color with branded messages or logos at very little cost per unit.

Brand exposure with as little disruption as possible is something many brands strive for and as such it is a unique selling point of sponsored event wristbands. The wristband will sit on the wearer’s wrist as a subtle reminder of who the event sponsor is, what their message is and how they can be found. People also keep wristbands after the event as memento's in much the same way they do tickets or program mes. They can become a treasured reminder of the good times they had at the event, all the while still promoting the sponsors message long after the event.

Events That Use Sponsored Wristbands
• Conferences
• Trade Shows
• Seminars
• Conventions
• VIP Events
• Shareholder Meetings
• Award Ceremonies
• Trade Fairs
• Nightclubs
• Festivals
• Theater Shows
• Music events

Hopefully I’ve made the case for saving a little cash when you’re putting on your event. When employed to its fullest uses, this unique, versatile little item can really make a massive difference to the financing of your event and turn a big loss into a really big win.

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