Most relationships aren’t easy, and relationships are even harder for the spiritually sensitive because they not only need to connect with a partner mentally, emotionally, and physically, but also spiritually. For them, the unseen, spiritual connection is obvious, thus important.

Certain spiritual dynamics, such as those listed below, can make relationships harder for the spiritually sensitive. They also contribute to breakups, even for people uninterested in the spiritual side of life; after months or years together, the spiritual conflicts and incompatibilities emerge and can’t be ignored anymore. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with them.

Past life karma--positive and negative

Spiritually sensitive people are more aware of, or at least sense, the positive and negative past life experiences and karma with people they meet. This can be problematic or beneficial.

You can’t change karma, but you do have free will to react to it in a positive way. Past life regression can help you uncover and release the root problems, or at least gain understanding, which will foster compassion and forgiveness.

Lost souls and dark energy

Lost or disembodied souls who haven’t yet gone to the Light after the death of their bodies are more of a problem than people realize. Spiritually sensitive people can be more susceptible and even a target for them. You can remove this spiritual debris if the affected person is willing to clear it and stop the behavior that attracts it. But unless you understand how lost souls and dark energy can influence people, you may overlook the problem and even erroneously view it as a myth.

Personal timing

You can’t change your personal timing any more than you can change the length of summer or winter, but an awareness of it can help you ride the waves of opportunity and prepare for the storms. Spiritually sensitive people can feel the highs and lows represented by personal timing more than others, so it’s even more important for them to understand how to work with it.


The spiritual connection between you and every person is unique. With some it’s easy, beneficial, and pleasant, and with others it’s the opposite. You can’t change it, but being aware of it can help you deal constructively with your own and a partner’s flaws, or be more selective with partners so you avoid spending months or years together, only to find you’re not compatible. When you’re spiritually sensitive, you can’t pretend the sexual chemistry or love connection is there when it’s not, but that can save time too because you’ll move on sooner rather than later.

Romantic illusion

It’s much harder to enjoy the romance when the spiritual conflicts are staring you in the face. Also, when you’re spiritually aware, you are frequently able to perceive the spiritual reasons for the relationship, which can sometimes damper the romance.

Spiritually sensitive people eventually understand that their love life destiny may not always match what they want to happen, or the romantic illusion ideal (a life-long, mutually compatible and harmonious relationship). But with spiritual awareness, at least you understand the deeper, more important reasons for the union, which makes accepting and working with fate easier.

Excellent spiritual connections between souls exist on the other side, but unfortunately, thanks to karmic baggage and personality flaws, they’re different on this plane. One good enough for a life-long, mutually beneficial and harmonious traditional marriage is not the norm.

Fortunately, whether you’re spiritually sensitive or not, you have free will to react to your love life fate and make the most of it.

Additional things that help the spiritually sensitive include refraining from conforming to society’s expectations too much, not apologizing for being different, not talking about spiritual subjects with extreme skeptics, learning to let go of expectations, and accepting others as they are.

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