Neuroscientists study male and female brains to determine distinct differences but thus far arrive at no concrete conclusions.

We’re not surprised, since our findings show that, aside from biological gender, there are two distinct factors that affect how a person feels about his or her gender.

Soul Experiences Influence How One Views His or Her Gender

The soul has a lot to do with how a person views his or her gender. Putting aside the skepticism of the soul being eternal and having multiple lifetimes, consider that the theory of reincarnation has yet to be invalidated.

Our findings show that souls traverse through scores of lifetimes as male and female, and it’s common for a soul to have had far more lifetimes as one biological gender than the other.

Jackie, a 35 year-old woman whose assertiveness and drive reflect a distinct masculinity, within a potent femininity, has always found her expected female gender role a challenge. She recently experienced past life regression therapy and perceived her last dozen or more lifetimes in male bodies. We’ve seen this pattern often with gays, lesbians, and people who don’t feel comfortable with their expected gender.

Consequently, she genuinely feels like she’s a male in a female’s body, considering the body is only a temporary vehicle for the soul. It should be noted that Jackie is perfectly sane, completely lacks any psychological issues, avoids making unreasonable demands related to her situation, is exceedingly intelligent, and is an upstanding and honorable citizen. Sadly, this won’t stop some people, who don’t understand the issue, from criticizing her for being true to herself.

Although specific memory recall of past lives isn’t common, everyone carries forward feelings, fears, defenses, and energetic patterns from past lives, including sexual identity.

Jackie isn’t crazy, she’s just more aware of her spiritual heritage than most, tapping into her many past lives as a male, and simply hasn’t yet become comfortable with her female biological identity.

Additionally, on the other side, gender roles aren’t as defined because all souls there understand they can incarnate as male or female. In heaven, you’re a soul in between physical lifetimes in which you play out your dramas and lessons, and sometimes your biological gender plays an important part. So for some people who are extremely spiritually sensitive and other-dimensional (i.e., half on the other side much of the time), gender can be confusing because on the other side, they are both genders and neither.

There’s a lot of conflict generated by gender issues, and perhaps viewing the issue through a different lens may help circumstances.

Disembodied Souls Influencing Gender Sentiment

Another factor related to how a person views his or her gender, besides the often-touted “psychological issues” (and in some cases, it may be psychological) is disembodied souls influencing a person’s perception.

You’re never alone. There are always energetic forces, some positive, some dark and negative, around you. Stress, excessive alcohol or drug use, severe illness, or traumatic experiences like abuse can pry open your energetic field and make you susceptible to hitchhikers jumping on board. This means you may become host to hidden spiritual parasites, though protection prayers and Spiritual Detox sessions can help with their removal. If those energetic parasites remain on board, they can influence your thinking, especially if you’re more susceptible than average. This problem is tricky because most people don’t believe in or know about such a concept, and the harmful energies can be deeply hidden.

For example, Shirley, as a young girl, suffered an illness that required hospitalization and during that time, unknowingly took on a male disembodied soul. Shirley grew up with this entity firmly embedded in her energetic field and mistook its impressions and thoughts as her own, including the male disembodied soul’s sexual desires. The heterosexual male disembodied soul undermined Shirley’s sexual orientation because she’s highly sensitive and easily influenced. Shirley tells her family she wants to be called “James,” and identifies as the male gender.

It may be that Shirley was destined to be homosexual, this was part of the reason it was attracted to her (like attracts like), and the disembodied soul’s influence on her was part of her path. We believe such momentous life experiences, if she did in fact have a disembodied soul on board, aren’t chance.

A person identifying as a different gender makes more sense when you consider past life influences and the impact of disembodied souls on spiritually sensitive individuals. Not all people who identify as the opposite gender of their birth do so for one or both of these reasons, but we estimate that a large portion of them do.

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