Spiritual law dictates you are free to act as you desire, as long as you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else. However, many existing U.S. laws and the never-ending enactment of new criminal laws and regulations seriously threatens, even blocks, the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This dynamic isn’t exclusive to America. Plenty of other countries maintain questionable legal standards.

Disclaimer: The following article is in no way meant to promote any kind of illegal activity and we recommend living within the legal guidelines of society. Our intention is to encourage constructive debate about individual freedoms and the law.

Most people would agree that a murderer, rapist, kidnapper, or embezzler should be punished. But what about crimes in which nobody is harmed? If no karma is generated, from a spiritual perspective, it’s not a crime. In other words, you won’t have to balance the so-called criminal act in a future life.

Below we list what many believe are archaic prohibitions that should be abolished.

1. Can you believe that homosexuality is still punished by death in some countries? Imagine what will happen to those who support and enforce these rules--think eye for an eye, in karmic terms. Note--karma isn’t always straightforward; some punished for homosexuality today, for example, may have chosen on a soul level to serve as an example to bring awareness to the issue and support human rights. Others, unfortunately, are balancing their karma. To those who suggest this is a cruel viewpoint, we’re simply relaying the results of our long-term empirical research.

2. Bootlegging alcohol in America used to be a criminal act. Produce and sell a product to adults there’s a demand for, and you get thrown in the slammer. Thankfully, America realized it was a losing battle and legalized booze after a spell of prohibition. Meanwhile, the futile war on drugs continues to waste billions of taxpayer dollars; It’s still illegal to traffic dope.

3. We avoid all drugs and continue to warn people about the spiritual side effects of drug use. But what adults choose to consume should be their business. Regarding children and drugs, it’s up to parents, not the government, to educate their kids about the dangers of drug use, and drugs will exist whether they’re legal or not.

4. Jane, a sex-worker, and John, a client, both got caught in an outlandishly expensive taxpayer funded sting operation. Even though they were both only trading sex for money, what some married people do legally, the cops locked Jane and John in a cage. After thousands of dollars in attorney fees, their lives are ruined because of private behavior between consenting adults. It may be a criminal offense (championed by busy-body, puritanical control freaks), but according to spiritual law, Jane and John are innocent.

5. There is no shortage of prudes and those who benefit from crazy laws (e.g. lawyers from the dark side). Going topless is illegal for women in many countries. “But the children!” anti-nudity advocates cry. Excuse us, but aren’t breasts for kids anyway? Although it may be a crime to be topless at the beach, spiritual law dictates that you can be topless anywhere and not incur negative karma.

While we support laws and regulations that protect individuals from harm, criminal laws that take away individual freedoms are against spiritual law.

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