Although spiritual healing has been acknowledged and practiced in the eastern world for literally thousands of years, it is only now that we are beginning to take it serious here in the west.
Complimenting conventional medicine, as well as often being accompanied by other alternative treatments such as herbal or aroma therapies for instance, it allows a holistic approach, where all aspects of a person's being are treated (as opposed to merely concentrating on a particular symptom and attacking it with chemicals, as is often the case in conventional treatment). It is achieved through channelling natural life energy, better known as Chi or Prana, to patients in order to aid with the recovey from injury, distress or illness. Often used to fight serious illness and aftereffects of treatments like radiation or chemotherapy, it helps to shorten required recovery times by speeding natural healing processes.

The energy flows into and through the healer, who directs it through his or her consciousness to the patient. Thus directed, it may flow out through the hands and over any given distance.

Some healers or healing traditions will use touch; for instance a healer may lay hands on the head or shoulders of a person seking healing, or, if appropriate, the hands may be laid directly on the affected area. Others will prefer to let the hands hover over the areas causing concern. For example, in order to cure or at least aid a patient with depression, the healer may hold his hands over the heart and the head in an attempt to clear blockages restricting the flow of energy from the heart to the mind (and vice versa) which may be causing the depression.

There are those who believe that the healer doesn't actually have to be near the patient to provide healing. Here, the energy is being directed through focusing thoughts on the person requesting help, either through meditation, prayers or petitions.

Many people shy back from the thought of spiritual healing, because they think that it requires faith in order to be healed. However, this is not the case. Although many believe that this natural energy is provided by God (and many traditions and religious faiths do have healing rituals, usually performed by a specific person or persons and involving aids such as anointing water or oil), one does not have to have religious faith of any kind in order to receive, or channel, healing energy.
It is an energy naturally inherent within the Universe and thus, at least to a certain extent, in anyone.

Spiritual healing can be taught and learned, and there are many courses available, often including teaching not only regarding personal healing, but also healing in groups of varying sizes. Frequently those attending these courses find that their fundamental understanding of spiritual healing has been broadened profoundly.
With or without faith, spiritual healing is becoming ever more popular and is at last being recognised as a valid, successful complimentary treatment by an increasing proportion of the medical profession.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic industry

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