For many people, speaking of spiritual growth evokes visions of someone living in a hidden mountain top monastery, chanting and fasting in order to achieve enlightenment. Others may view it as increasingly frequent visits to a church. Although these may both be steps along the way, actual spiritual growth, paramount in importance for a more harmonious, happier life free from stress and anxiety, is a process within a person.

Getting rid of false concepts, beliefs and thoughts concerned with who and what we may be and the world around us; increasing the awareness of our own, true inner being by looking inside and shedding illusions in order to discover our true essence, hidden away behind the ego, are all part of the process.

But what is the point of spiritual growth? As our awareness and understanding of our own, true essence (and with it our understanding of who, what and why we are) begins to grow, so our inner strength and power increase, making it possible for us to develop a form of detachment which will lead to inner happiness and peace. As we learn to stop outside circumstances from affecting our mood or state of mind, we are becoming able to rise above disappointments, frustration and other negative emotions, making us more tolerant and patient and thus transforming us into a better person.

It must be clear that this isn't about growing the spirit within us - it is already perfect and has no need for growth. The fact is that our true self is covered by layers of limiting, negative thoughts, beliefs and habits which need to be removed so the light of our inner self is allowed to shine through. Acknowledging and acepting that in fact you are indeed a spirit which has a physical body, as opposed to the other way around, the reading of spiritual literature, positive thinking and meditation or other techniques of inner training will all help to remove these layers.

In order to grow, seek within yourself for that which makes you know that you are alive; make a concerted effort to always think in a positive way and banish negativity by redirecting your mind to a positive aspect even when faced with negative situations. Always attempt to see the brighter side of life. Remember that your inner essence is much stronger than any ouside circumstances and don't let any situation dictate how you should feel. Do not allow your attention to wander, but concentrate on whatever it is you are doing at any given moment in time. Make a point of being patient, tolerant, considerate and tactful when dealing with others.

Last, but by no means least, do make the time and effort to learn and regularly practice some form of meditation. It will help you to get grounded and release a lot of the stress daily life has a habit of throwing at you. As you follow these steps, you will find that life becomes a lot clearer and happier.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic industry

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