Psychic (spiritual) attack is quite different than being possessed by disembodied souls or worse, one or more demons.

The problem is that it’s easy for the inexperienced to completely overlook the cause of the trouble, or to confuse spiritual attacks and possession.

Below we explain possession and psychic attacks to help you identify each.


1. Just as your physical body accumulates dirt and grime, your unseen body (i.e. spiritual self) picks up unwanted energy too. Disembodied souls, which are souls that have not gone to the Light after shedding their body, are common. Sometimes, the energy is demonic in nature.

2. Possession or attachment involving disembodied souls is typically a parasite/host relationship; the disembodied soul wants something from you. The lost soul may be lonely or confused, an alcoholic or nicotine addict before death and, or it may seek other earthly pleasures through you, including the joy of eating and sex, for example.

3. One of the easiest ways to pick up disembodied souls, or worse, demonic energy, is to drink excessively or take mind altering drugs. Even the seemingly harmless use of marijuana will open the door to hangers-on.

We avoid all drugs besides alcohol, but an experience with pot at age 19 in college with friends helped us begin to understand the danger. After smoking, one friend, who by that time was an experienced user, was spiritually attuned enough to recognize something wasn’t right.

Our friend suddenly seemed annoyed, like there were mosquitoes buzzing around his head. He stormed out of the party, leaving us wondering where he was going. We were laughing because we intuitively understood that he had picked up something, but we didn’t know much about possession at that time. He returned about 15 minutes later soaking wet; he had searched the neighborhood until he found a swimming pool to jump into in order to “cleanse” himself of whatever had joined him. We all thought it was hilarious, of course, not understanding how serious the problem can be.

We now realize that our friend could sense such a thing because he has a lot of other-dimensional energy due to, in part, we suspect, shamanistic lifetimes. Unfortunately, his energy can turn dark when he’s under the influence, potentially posing a threat to himself and others.

Other ways your energy field is weakened and thus more vulnerable to possession or attachment include being in a heightened state of fear, anger, or depression and enduring abuse as a child. Hospitals, cemeteries, smoking lounges, and bars can be teaming with these invisible pests.

Once you have one disembodied soul with you, you open the door to more joining, becoming one big pernicious party, and it can greatly interfere with your peace of mind. According to Dr. Edith Fiore, insanity frequently involves severe possession.

4. Watch for distinct, unexplained changes in your outlook and behavior if you suspect you’re hosting some other-dimensional hitchhikers. For example, a sudden, strong appetite for cigarettes, a particular type of alcohol or junk food may be a sign that you have some uninvited guests.

5. If you’re spiritually sensitive and, or meditate regularly, you may perceive or feel entities around you, uninvited guests camped out in your energy field or home, especially as you fall asleep or meditate.

Spiritual attacks:

The idea of hexes and curses may seem illogical, but we do believe it’s possible to direct negative energy at someone and impact their life. To what degree the target’s life is impacted is debatable.

The offender may not even realize she’s doing it either; she may simply become very angry with someone, and unknowingly direct her toxic energy at the person.

Those who knowingly or unknowingly direct harmful or manipulative energy at others will receive the same hurtful energy in return, in time, according to karmic law.

It’s important to note that disembodied souls and demons can also attack spiritually.

Some things you can do to protect yourself from psychic attacks include the following:

1. Identify any hidden guilt you may possess--subconscious guilt makes you believe you deserve retribution, opening the door to self-castigation, which may be accelerated by a spiritual attack.

2. Avoid weakening your energy field through excessive drinking, drugs, sugar, or other escapist behavior. Get enough sleep and sunshine.

3. Ask for protection and guidance from your guides and angels of the Light (e.g., Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, and all their legions of the Light). These and other helpers from the other side are not sanctioned by any of world’s organized religions; feel free to ask for their assistance without needing to associate with or yourself to any denomination.

Over time, by following these tips, you’ll be able to tell the difference between possession and spiritual attacks.

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