Severe possession by lost souls and sometimes even demonic entities is, we believe, a serious yet largely overlooked problem.

Spiritually sensitive and otherwise susceptible people, such as abused children or people who abuse alcohol and, or use drugs, can unknowingly be a host for all sorts of lost souls and dark energy. The hosting experience can endure for hours, days, years, or even a lifetime.

Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, is a problem with the brain, according to medical professionals. However, based on our work with lost souls and dark energy, we believe it’s wise to also consider the possibility of spirit possession.

We realize that children who suffer emotional and physical abuse are vulnerable to the brain fracturing into different personalities and we’re not discounting the medical profession’s diagnoses in such cases.

But why not also consider the possibility of a lost soul on board? Perhaps both can be possible at the same time.

Isn’t it time to stop viewing human beings as simply a brain and body? Why not consider the soul as well?

You don’t have to subscribe to religious doctrine to acknowledge that the majority of the world today believes, and the history of the world includes countless cultures that believed, in the spirit as well as the body and mind.

Below we list two possible cases of overlooked spirit and even dark energy possession.

1. A woman with six personalities says she can hear them in her head if she’s paying attention and they can see whatever is in front of her, in her peripheral vision.

One speaks with a foreign accent. Another of the personalities used to force her to physically abuse herself.

It’s entirely possible that her brain couldn’t handle any more abuse in her early years, thus split into different personalities (as per the medical diagnosis). But it’s also possible that one of those personalities is a demonic entity that slipped in during the abuse since it attempts to physically harm her.

We suggest Spiritual Detox (depossession) to find out. One or more of those personalities may turn out to be spirits living in her energy field that joined her at a young age.

In our experience, if the person is a host to entities, just the suggestion of a depossession and Spiritual Detox brings up a flood of emotions, and then an outright rejection of the idea. That’s expected because the entities, which are in control, recognize what a depossession would do--it would be the end of using their host and being an energetic parasite. What the entities don’t realize is that once they leave the host and are guided to the Light, they will live a much more satisfying existence.

2. A few months ago a video of a teen in the hospital, still under anesthesia, was circulating social media. The youth was not quite fully conscious after an operation and launched into a gangster tirade about strippers, Dubai, and killing people. The young white kid didn’t appear to be anything close to being a gangster.

Do a search on-line for similar videos (“videos of people under anesthesia”) and you’ll find several.

Sure, it could have been exclusively due to the way the anesthesia affected his brain. Perhaps the kid is a fan of gangster rap, and something in his subconscious mind was tapped during withdrawal.

But it’s also possible that part of the explanation is that a disembodied spirit took over while the kid was vulnerable from the anesthesia. Hospitals are hotbeds for lost souls roaming around, looking for a host.

Extreme cases include unconscious individuals speaking foreign languages that they had zero knowledge of previously. How do you explain that? The brain learned a foreign language all by itself, and speaks it fluently while the person is asleep or not quite conscious?

You can’t prove it either way, but based on our experience with possession and lost souls, we would strongly suggest a Spiritual Detox in such cases.

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